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Omer Tarin

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Omer Tarin
Born 1966
Peshawar, Pakistan
Occupation Poet,writer, scholar, Qadiri mystic
Period 1992-present

Omer Tarin (not real name, but pen-name ), born March 1966, is a well-known Pakistani poet, writer and scholar.[1] He is also considered a mystic and Sufi thinker.

Background and career

Tarin was born in Peshawar, Pakistan, in a well-educated and elite feudal family of the famous Tarin or Tareen, tribe. He was taught at the Burn Hall School, Abbottabad, the Aitchison College, Lahore, and the University of the Punjab, Lahore.[2] He later studied in the United Kingdom. After teaching as a full-time college and university lecturer for many years in Islamabad and Lahore, Tarin then returned to his native Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and started various social assistance and charitable projects there[3] in addition to managing his own property matters. He is also active in research and environmental studies and also makes occasional socio-political comments on global affairs in the media.[4]


He has published several collections of poetry. Some of his work has been also published in the UK, the USA and other countries.[5] His poetry is said to have a unique mystic, spiritual tone and strong imagery.[6] It reflects certain basic, recurring qualities such as a broad, universal humanity; a mystical regard for nature, life and the universe;[7] a sense of the frailty of human existence and a continued concern with the central issues of life/death and immortality.[8] These matters also inform his style, and the system of symbolism and images that consequently arises from this, via which " patterns emerge in our perception of the world, of creation, of ourselves and our motivations".[9]


Tarin's major publications include:[10]

  • Spirals:Essays in Criticism (1992)
  • A Sad Piper:Poems (1994 first ed)
  • The Anvil of Dreams:Poems (1995)
  • Burnt Offerings, Poems (1996)
  • The Harvest Season of Love Songs:Poetry (1997)
  • Sepoys and Sowars: Historical Essays (2000)
  • Riverbeds Flowing:Selected Poems (2005)
  • Selected Shorter Essays (2011)
  • From Hill and Plain:Selected Short Stories (2011)


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