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White Genocide

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White Genocide (Armenian: Ճերմակ or սպիտակ ջարդ, Jermag or Spitag Chart) is the word Western Armenians use to describe assimilation in the West.[1] Armenians were forcibly deported from their homeland in Anatolia during the Armenian Genocide in 1915-1918, and never allowed to return.[2] Western Armenians consider Armenians who assimilate within the local population of the country where they were eventually forced to emigrate (such as France, USA, Argentina, etc.) as lost to their nation due to the continuing exile after the actual genocide itself, and thus consider that lost Armenian to be another victim of the genocidal attempt to eliminate the Armenians.[3][4] The term "White Genocide" was also used for the regions of Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhichevan where Armenians were forcibly deported and cleansed from the regions.[5][6][7][8]

Armenia is referred to by many in Armenia and in the diaspora as the “white genocide” (spitak chartuh). As one of my informants said, “What the Turks did not do, we are doing to ourselves by fleeing the homeland.” [9]


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