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In Norse mythology, Asgard is the home of the gods (the Æsir and the Vanir). It is a different place than the home of the mortals, Midgard. Odin rules Asgard as the All-Father.

The plain of Idavoll is the centrer of Asgard. The Æsir meet there talk about important issues. The male gods meet in a hall called Gladsheim. The female goddesses in a hall called Vingólf.

It is also an advanced alien race in the science fiction series Stargate SG-1.

Other spellings

  • Other spellings: Ásgard, Ásegard, Ásgardr, Asgardr, Ásgarthr, Ásgarth, Asgarth, Ásgardhr
  • Common Swedish and Danish form: Asgård
  • Norwegian: Åsgard (also Åsgård, Asgaard)
  • Icelandic, Faroese: Ásgarður