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The branle is an old French dance of the 16th century. Though French in origin, it spread to most of western Europe. Spelling varies greatly: bransle, brangle, brawl, brawle, brall(e), braul(e), or (Scot.) brantle.


There are few descriptions of the dance steps. It is a sequence dance performed with partners in lines or circles.[1] In John Marston's The Malcontent (1604), act 4, scene 2, the character Guerrino describes the steps of a dance called Beanchaes brawl (Bianca's branle):
t'is but two singles on the left, two on the right, three doubles forward, a trauerse of six round: do this twice, three singles side, galliard tricke of twentie, curranto pace; a figure of eight, three singles broken downe, come vp, meete two doubles, fall backe, and then honour.

A more detailed and more accessible account is given of the Scots branle by the dance historian Melusine Wood.[2]


The music for the dance was written in 4/4 time. An example, Music for the Scots' Branle, is given by both Arbeau and Wood.

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