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Bulimia nervosa

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Bulimia nervosa (bulimia) is a disease and a type of eating disorder. It is when a person wants to starve his or her self. People who have it feel that they are fat and want to be skinny. When they are hungry, they eat a lot of food. Then, they try to take it back by vomiting, exercising, or using drugs (usually Ipecac).


The person with bulimia eats large amounts of food. Then, they want to get rid of it. To do this, they vomit or use drugs. They do this at least once a week or more often. The person always thinks about how his or her body looks, and he or she wants to be skinny. The person may also have anorexia nervosa. However, most people with bulimia have a normal weight or are overweight, which makes it difficult to know when someone has bulimia from looking at them.


Bulimia nervosa can cause many health problems. Because vomit has a lot of acid in it, doing it a lot can burn the person's mouth, throat, or teeth. Someone can lose nutrients or fluids in his or her body. Glands in one's throat and face may get bigger and hurt. The immune system is weakened, and a person can get muscle or heart problems. Sometimes bulimia can cause difficulty breathing. This is because the acids that are in your mouth go to your lungs and damages the bronchioles.

People who get bulimia

Most people who get bulimia are ages 10 to 25. Usually girls have bulimia, but boys can have it too. People who have had bad things happen to them are more likely to get the disease too. People with obsessive compulsive disorder or perfectionism are also more likely to have bulimia.[1]


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