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Caucasian is a term used for a person belonging to a racial group that includes people from Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia (the Middle East), parts of Central Asia and South Asia.[1] These people first came from the Caucasian Mountains which are located in eastern Europe and western Asia. Caucasian was first a geographical term. It referring to the Caucasus region (Caucasia) of central Eurasia. Over time, the term has gotten other meanings:

  1. In common usage and when used politically, it usually refers to the so-called "Caucasian race". In North America, Australia, and New Zealand, this is often the "whites" racial/ethnic group.
  2. On many forms, Caucasian usually means a specific group of physical attributes, especially light skin.
  3. In physical anthropology, it may mean the Caucasoid physical type. This group is characterized by the shape of part of the skeleton.
  4. In linguistics, it may refer to any of the languages of the Caucasus.
  5. It refers to peoples from Caucasus.


  1. The Races of Europe by Carlton Stevens Coon. From Chapter XI: The Mediterranean World - Introduction: "This third racial zone stretches from Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco, and thence along the southern Mediterranean shores into Arabia, East Africa, Mesopotamia, and the Persian highlands; and across Afghanistan into India."