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El Chupacabra (or El Chupacabras) is a cryptid said to live in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Texas to Florida, Michigan, Maine and even Oregon. Its name comes from the Spanish translation of "goat sucker", because of its habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, including goats. The legend was started in 1987 when there was a huge, gruesome massacre of livestock all over. All the animals had two puncture wounds on their neck in which the blood had been drained.

El Chupacabra is a creature that resembles a hairless dog with blueish-gray tinted skin. It is said to have spikes running down its spine and tail. Some who have seen El Chupacabra say that when they got too close, the beast let out an unearthly howl. It is supposed to be about 3–4 feet tall. Some of these reports say that when El Chupacabra howled, its eyes turned red, making the viewer nauseous. It was first reported in Puerto Rico. It preys on cows, ducks and goats and sometimes bites right through the skull to eat the brain. It could possibly be the result of a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. Some believe it is a surviving dinosaur or an alien pet.