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Cosmological argument

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The cosmological argument is a theory that all things in the world were caused to exist by something. The universe exists, so there must be something that caused the universe. He believed the first cause to be God. He said that God is the only thing that was not caused by something else and He created the cause of existence.

The argument is said to have first been put forward by St. Thomas Aquinas. However, Aquinas did not claim to be the first to use the argument.

He also said that the first piece of proof of God's existence is the fact that the Universe exists. The Universe could not have come from nothing. Something cannot come out of nothing. Because of this, the Universe was caused to exist by something that existed before it. He said that this could only have been God.

Physicists believe that the Higgs Boson particle is closely tied to the origin of the universe.[1] Theists continue to argue that God caused the Higgs Boson particle.


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