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Crimean Tatar Wikipedia

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The logo of Crimean Tatar Wikipedia, a globe featuring glyphs from several writing systems
Type of siteInternet encyclopedia project
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Available language(s)Crimean Tatar
OwnerWikimedia Foundation

The Crimean Tatar Wikipedia (Template:Lang-crh) is the Crimean Tatar language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The articles were originally written in Wikimedia Incubator, and the Crimean Tatar Wikipedia was created on January 12, 2008.[1][2] As of (October 2020), Crimean Tatar has Template:NUMBEROF articles.


Crimean Tatar (update)
Articles Template:NUMBEROF
Files Template:NUMBEROF
Edits Template:NUMBEROF
Users Template:NUMBEROF
Active users[3] Template:NUMBEROF
Admins Template:NUMBEROF

As of October 2020, Crimean Tatar Wikipedia has Template:NUMBEROF articles.[4][5]

The main problem of the project is a lack of volunteers. The vast majority of edits are made by several volunteers, none of whom is a native speaker.[6]


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