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Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is a comic book character in the Marvel Universe published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Rob Leifeld in 1991. Deadpool began as a villain but is currently being used as an anti-hero. He is currently one of the most popular Marvel characters.[1] He has had many of his own book series as well as been in most of Marvel's other titles.[2] He is often seen in several of the X-Men series of books and is a regular character in the series "Uncanny X-Force". Deadpool was used as a villain in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His clothing is colored red and black, and he has two guns and short katanas as well as many other weapons.

Deadpool's special power is regeneration. His body can repair itself from any injury. He has formed a relationship with the personification of Death but because his healing power is so strong, he cannot die. This is a common theme in his stories. Deadpool is well known for "breaking the fourth wall". He knows he is a comic book character. Deadpool will often talk to the readers or refer to a specific issue when talking about something that happened in the past.

He combines the Punisher’s ruthlessness, Spider-Man’s gift of gab, Wolverine’s healing factor, and the Thing’s self-loathing. And deep-down he’s a regular dude, so readers can relate.”

—Axel Alonso, Executive Editor, Marvel Comics [2]


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