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Degree (mathematics)

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The degree of a polynomial [math]p(x)[/math], represented by the symbol [math]\deg (p(x))[/math], is the highest exponent that occurs inside that polynomial.[1][2][3]

For example, if we look at the polynomial [math]2x^3 - 7x^2 + 5x - 4[/math], then we can see that the degree of this polynomial is 3, because the highest power in the variable x is 3. It occurs in the term [math]x^3[/math].

The name of the variable is not important. For example, the polynomial [math]-6y^5 + 2y^3 - 25y - 58[/math] has degree 5, because the highest power of the variable, in this case y, is 5, which occurs in the term [math]y^5[/math].

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