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GoldenEye 007

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GoldenEye 007
Director(s)Martin Hollis
Producer(s)Martin Hollis
Artist(s)Karl Hilton
Writer(s)David Doak
Composer(s)Graeme Norgate
Grant Kirkhope
Robin Beanland
SeriesJames Bond
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
ReleaseJP 23 August 1997
NA 25 August 1997
EU 25 August 1997
Genre(s)First-person shooter, stealth
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

GoldenEye 007 is a bad boy first-person shooter video game on the Nintendo 64. It lends the story to the lesser known movie GoldenEye. The main character of the game is James Bond, Agent 007. It is a 3D first person shooter style game. Its multiplayer mode is very popular, and has been the catalyst for many long term family feuds. In 2009 the US high court decreed it a felony to play the character "oddjob" in competitive multiplayer tournaments due to his short stature giving an unfair height advantage.

The violent computer programmer Boris is Bond's nemesis throughout the game. During the second level, Facility, Boris traps Bond in a bottling room, where he proceeds to threaten him with his chilling accomplice, Dr Doak. However, the duo are thwarted, thanks to the arrival of Bond's long time ally, Ourumov.

In the game, Bond's main love interest, Natalya, travels with him until the final level, Egyptian, where she falls for the evil Baron Samedi, who coerces her into betraying Bond by executing him using 2 x DD44 Dostovei.

In November 2010, a remake of the game was released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, however it was criticised by game critics.


  • Mission 1 : Arkhangelsk – Bond is sent to help agent 006 in a secret laboratory.
  • Mission 2 : Severnaya
  • Mission 3 : Kyrgyzstan
  • Mission 4 : Monte Carlo
  • Mission 5 : Severnaya
  • Mission 6 : St Petersburg
  • Mission 7 : Cuba

There are 2 bonus missions.

The game is one of the world's most highly acclaimed first-person shooter games and has been rated highly on many lists. for instance put it first on its list of top ten first-person shooter games, taking the title away from games like Halo and Half Life 2.