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History of the National Hockey League

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional sports organization. It contains ice hockey teams in Canada and the United States. It began in 1917 and is still running.


The National Hockey League began in 1917 in Montreal. It happened because of a series of problems within the Canadian National Hockey Association (NHA). The NHA suspend operations and the new NHL started instead.


<timeline> DateFormat = yyyy ImageSize = width:1050 height:auto barincrement:25 PlotArea = left:20 right:20 bottom:20 top:20 Period = from:1905 till:2022 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy

Colors =

id:majorGridColor value:rgb(0.9,0.9,0.9)
id:lineColor   value:gray(0.5)
id:ohio        value:rgb(0.85,0.80,0.80)
id:notpro       value:rgb(0.82,0.80,0.80)
id:brown       value:rgb(0.36,0.20,0.10)
id:green       value:rgb(   0,0.51,0.28)
id:darkgreen   value:rgb(   0,0.20,   0)
id:kellygreen  value:rgb(   0,0.63,   0)
id:redorange   value:rgb(   1,0.20,   0)
id:burgundy    value:rgb(0.50,   0,0.13)
id:maroon      value:rgb(0.50,   0,   0)
id:darkred     value:rgb(0.50,   0,   0)
id:iceblue     value:rgb(0.20,0.60,0.80)
id:lgray       value:gray(0.90)
id:grayblue    value:rgb(0.00,0.13,0.26)
id:gray        value:gray(0.25)
id:gray2       value:gray(0.5)
id:darkgray    value:gray(0.25)
id:vegasgold   value:rgb(0.71,0.60,0.35)
id:sand        value:rgb(0.94,0.89,0.77)
id:navy        value:rgb(   0,   0,0.30)
id:teal        value:rgb(   0,0.65,0.65)
id:teal2       value:rgb(   0,0.45,0.45)
id:purpl       value:rgb(0.16,0.01,0.32)
id:royalpurple value:rgb(0.12,0.18,0.54)
id:columbia_blue value:rgb(0.35,0.57,0.8)
id:desert_sand value:rgb(0.91, 0.85, 0.71)
id:black    value:rgb(0.0,0.0,0.0)
id:black2    value:rgb(0.06,0.11,0.14)
id:cardinals_red    value:rgb(0.69,0.01,0.22)
id:darkblue    value:rgb(0.0,0.07,0.25)
id:darkblue2    value:rgb(0.0,0.16,0.36)
id:darkblue3    value:rgb(0.0,0.18,0.3)
id:gold    value:rgb(1,0.75,0.0)
id:lightblue    value:rgb(0.0,0.5,0.75)
id:orange    value:rgb(1,0.39,0.17)
id:red    value:rgb(0.84,0.19,0.23)
id:red2    value:rgb(0.93,0.18,0.17)
id:silver    value:rgb(0.63,0.65,0.67)
id:steelgrey    value:rgb(0.20,0.21,0.28)
id:gold2    value:rgb(0.52,0.44,0.30)

ScaleMajor = start:1910 increment:10 gridcolor:majorGridColor

LineData =

at:1917 color:lineColor layer:back width:0.66  #NHL forms
  1. -- Text Positions

Define $Up = shift:(,1)

Define $Left = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,) Define $LeftIn = anchor:from align:left shift:(25,) Define $LeftMargin = anchor:from align:left shift:(3,)

Define $UpLeft = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,1) Define $UpLeftIn = anchor:from align:left shift:(-1,1) Define $UpLeftMargin = anchor:from align:left shift:(1,1)

Define $Right = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,) Define $RightMargin = anchor:till align:right shift:(-2,) Define $RightIn = anchor:till align:right shift:(-25,)

Define $UpRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,1) Define $UpRightMargin = anchor:till align:right shift:(-2,1) Define $UpRightIn = anchor:till align:right shift:(-25,1) Define $UpUpRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,10)

Define $Down = shift:(,-10) Define $Downx2 = shift:(,-20) Define $DownRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,-10) Define $DownLeft = anchor:from align:right shift:(-2,-10) Define $DownLeftMargin = anchor:from align:left shift:(1,-10)

Define $t = textcolor

Define $champ = text:"•" $t:white fontsize:L shift:(-4, -1) Define $I = text:"(I)"

TextData =

 text:"NHA^National Hockey Association, active 1910-1917"
 text:"PCHL^Pacific Coast Hockey League, active 1944-1952"
 text:"WHL^Western Hockey League, active 1952-1974"
 text:"WHA^World Hockey Association, active 1972-1979"
 text:"Amateur histories are not shown"
 text:" "
 text:"1917^NHL formed"
 text:"2004–05 season was cancelled"
 text:" "
 text:"• indicates Stanley Cup-winning season"

BarData =

  1. -- Original Six Era
  1. -- 1960s expansion
  1. -- 1970s expansion
  1. -- 1979 WHA merger
  1. -- 1990s expansion era
  1. -- 2000s expansion
  1. -- 2010s expansion
  1. -- 2020s expansion

PlotData =

 mark:(line, black)
 anchor:middle # other options are anchor:from anchor:till
 align:center  # other options are align:left  align:right
  1. -- Canadiens
 bar:Canadiens from:1909  till:1917  color:notpro text:"(NHA)"
 bar:Canadiens from:1917  till:2004  color:red $RightIn text:"Montreal Canadiens"
 bar:Canadiens from:2005  till:end  color:red
 bar:Canadiens at:1916 $champ mark:(line, notpro)
 bar:Canadiens at:1924 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1930 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1931 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1944 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1946 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1953 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1956 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1957 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1958 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1959 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1960 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1965 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1966 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1968 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1969 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1971 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1973 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1976 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1977 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1978 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1979 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1986 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Canadiens at:1993 $champ mark:(line, red)
  1. -- Wanderers
#bar:Wanderers from:1903 till:1905 color:notpro text:"(FAHL)"
#bar:Wanderers from:1905 till:1909 color:notpro
bar:Wanderers from:1909 till:1917 color:notpro text:"(NHA)"
bar:Wanderers from:1917 till:1918 color:red $Right text:"Montreal Wanderers"
bar:Wanderers at:1906 $champ mark:(line, white)
bar:Wanderers at:1907 $champ mark:(line, white)
bar:Wanderers at:1908 $champ mark:(line, white)
bar:Wanderers at:1910 $champ mark:(line, notpro)
  1. -- OriginalSenators
 #bar:OriginalSenators from:1883 till:1886 color:notpro $I
 #bar:OriginalSenators from:1886 till:1910 color:notpro text:"(various)" $LeftMargin
 bar:OriginalSenators from:1910 till:1917 color:notpro text:"(NHA)"
 bar:OriginalSenators from:1917 till:1931 color:red text:"Ottawa Senators"
 bar:OriginalSenators from:1932 till:1934 color:red
 bar:OriginalSenators from:1934 till:1935 color:black text:"St. Louis Eagles" $Right
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1903 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1904 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1905 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1906 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1909 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 #bar:OriginalSenators at:1910 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 bar:OriginalSenators at:1911 $champ mark:(line,notpro)
 bar:OriginalSenators at:1920 $champ mark:(line,red)
 bar:OriginalSenators at:1921 $champ mark:(line,red)
 bar:OriginalSenators at:1923 $champ mark:(line,red)
 bar:OriginalSenators at:1927 $champ mark:(line,red)
  1. -- MapleLeafs
 bar:MapleLeafs from:1917 till:1918 color:darkblue $t:blue $Left text:"Toronto Hockey Club"
 bar:MapleLeafs from:1918 till:1919 color:blue $t:black $DownLeftMargin text:"Toronto ~Arenas"
 bar:MapleLeafs from:1919 till:1927 color:green $t:white $UpRightMargin text:"Toronto ~St. Pats"
 bar:MapleLeafs from:1927 till:2004 color:blue $t:white $RightIn text:"Toronto Maple Leafs"
 bar:MapleLeafs from:2005 till:end  color:blue $t:white
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1918 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1922 $champ mark:(line, green)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1932 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1942 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1945 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1947 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1948 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1949 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1951 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1962 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1963 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1964 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:MapleLeafs at:1967 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- QuebecAC
 #bar:QuebecAC from:1878 till:1888 color:notpro $I
 #bar:QuebecAC from:1888 till:1910 color:notpro text:"(various)"
 bar:QuebecAC from:1910 till:1917 color:notpro $Left text:"(NHA)"
 bar:QuebecAC from:1919 till:1920 color:blue $UpRightMargin text:"Quebec ~Athletic Club"
 bar:QuebecAC from:1920 till:1925 color:gold $Right text:"Hamilton Tigers"
 bar:QuebecAC at:1912 $champ mark:(line, notpro)
 bar:QuebecAC at:1913 $champ mark:(line, notpro)
  1. -- Bruins
 bar:Bruins from:1924 till:2004  color:gold $t:black $RightIn text:"Boston Bruins"
 bar:Bruins from:2005 till:end  color:gold $t:black
 bar:Bruins at:1929 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Bruins at:1939 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Bruins at:1941 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Bruins at:1970 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Bruins at:1972 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Bruins at:2011 $champ mark:(line, gold)
  1. -- Maroons
 bar:Maroons from:1924 till:1938 color:maroon $t:white text:"Montreal Maroons"
 bar:Maroons at:1926 $champ mark:(line, maroon)
 bar:Maroons at:1935 $champ mark:(line, maroon)
  1. -- NYAmericans
 bar:NYAmericans from:1925 till:1941 $LeftIn color:blue $t:white text:"New York Americans"
 bar:NYAmericans from:1941 till:1942 $Right color:red $t:blue text:"Brooklyn Americans"
  1. -- Pirates
 #bar:Pirates from:1915 till:1925 color:notpro $Left text:"(USAHA)"
 bar:Pirates from:1925 till:1930 color:gold $UpLeft $t:black text:"Pittsburgh~Pirates"
 bar:Pirates from:1930 till:1931 color:black $Right text:"Philadelphia Quakers"
  1. -- Blackhawks
 bar:Blackhawks from:1926 till:1986 color:black $t:white $RightIn text:"Chicago Black Hawks"
 bar:Blackhawks from:1986 till:2004 color:red $t:white $RightIn text:"Chicago Blackhawks"
 bar:Blackhawks from:2005 till:end color:red $t:white
 at:1986 mark:(line, red)
 bar:Blackhawks at:1934 $champ mark:(line, black)
 bar:Blackhawks at:1938 $champ mark:(line, black)
 bar:Blackhawks at:1961 $champ mark:(line, black)
 bar:Blackhawks at:2010 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Blackhawks at:2013 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Blackhawks at:2015 $champ mark:(line, red)
  1. -- Redwings
 bar:Redwings from:1926 till:1930 color:red $t:black $Left text:"Detroit Cougars"
 bar:Redwings from:1930 till:1932 color:yellow $t:black $UpLeftIn text:"Detroit ~Falcons"
 bar:Redwings from:1932 till:2004  color:red $t:white $RightIn text:"Detroit Red Wings"
 bar:Redwings from:2005 till:end  color:red $t:white
 bar:Redwings at:1936 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1937 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1943 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1950 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1952 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1954 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1955 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1997 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:1998 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:2002 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Redwings at:2008 $champ mark:(line, red)
  1. -- Rangers
 bar:Rangers from:1926 till:2004  color:blue $t:white $RightIn text:"New York Rangers"
 bar:Rangers from:2005 till:end  color:blue $t:white
 bar:Rangers at:1928 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Rangers at:1933 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Rangers at:1940 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Rangers at:1994 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- GoldenSeals
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1961 till:1966 color:notpro $DownLeft text:"(WHL)                   "
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1966 till:1967 color:notpro
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1967 till:1968 color:gold $UpLeft text:"California Seals"
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1968 till:1970 color:kellygreen $DownLeft text:"Bay Area/Oakland Seals"
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1970 till:1976 color:gold $UpLeftMargin text:"California Golden Seals"
 bar:GoldenSeals from:1976 till:1978 color:maroon $DownRight text:"Cleveland Barons"
  1. -- Kings
 bar:Kings from:1967 till:1988  color:purple $t:gold $RightIn text:"Los Angeles Kings"
 bar:Kings from:1988 till:1998  color:black $t:white
 bar:Kings from:1998 till:2004  color:royalpurple $t:white
 bar:Kings from:2005 till:2011  color:royalpurple $t:white
 bar:Kings from:2011 till:end   color:black $t:white
 bar:Kings at:2012 $champ mark:(line, black)
 bar:Kings at:2014 $champ mark:(line, black)
  1. -- Stars
 bar:Stars from:1967 till:1991 color:gold $t:green $LeftIn text:"Minnesota North Stars
 bar:Stars from:1991 till:1993 color:green $t:black
 bar:Stars from:1993 till:2004  color:black $t:limegreen $Rightin text:"Dallas Stars"
 bar:Stars from:2005 till:2013 color:black $t:green
 bar:Stars from:2013 till:end  color:green $t:white
 bar:Stars at:1999 $champ mark:(line, black)
  1. -- Flyers
 bar:Flyers from:1967 till:2004  color:orange $LeftIn text:"Philadelphia Flyers"
 bar:Flyers from:2005 till:end  color:orange
 bar:Flyers at:1974 $champ mark:(line, orange)
 bar:Flyers at:1975 $champ mark:(line, orange)
  1. -- Penguins
 bar:Penguins from:1967 till:1980  color:lightblue 
 bar:Penguins from:1980 till:2002  color:gold $RightIn text:"Pittsburgh Penguins"
 bar:Penguins from:2002 till:2004  color:vegasgold
 bar:Penguins from:2005 till:2015  color:vegasgold
 bar:Penguins from:2015 till:end  color:gold 
 bar:Penguins at:1991 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Penguins at:1992 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Penguins at:2009 $champ mark:(line, vegasgold)
 bar:Penguins at:2016 $champ mark:(line, gold)
 bar:Penguins at:2017 $champ mark:(line, gold)
  1. -- Blues
 bar:Blues from:1967 till:2004 color:blue $t:yellow $RightIn text:"St. Louis Blues"
 bar:Blues from:2005 till:end  color: blue
 bar:Blues at:2019 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- Sabres
 bar:Sabres from:1970 till:1996 color:blue $t:gold $RightIn text:"Buffalo Sabres"
 bar:Sabres from:1996 till:2004 color:red
 bar:Sabres from:2005 till:2006 color:red
 bar:Sabres from:2006 till:2010 color:gold
 bar:Sabres from:2010 till:2020 color:navy
 bar:Sabres from:2020 till:end color:blue
  1. -- Canucks
 bar:Canucks from:1945 till:1952 color:notpro text:"(PCHL)"
 bar:Canucks from:1952 till:1970 color:notpro text:"(WHL)"
 bar:Canucks from:1970 till:1978  color:green $t:white 
 bar:Canucks from:1978 till:1997  color:gold $t:black $RightIn text:"Vancouver Canucks"
 bar:Canucks from:1997 till:2004  color:blue $t:white  
 bar:Canucks from:2005 till:end   color:blue $t:white
  1. -- Flames
 bar:Flames from:1972 till:1980 color:gold $t:red $Left text:"Atlanta Flames"
 bar:Flames from:1980 till:2004  $t:gold color:red $RightIn text:"Calgary Flames"
 bar:Flames from:2005 till:end  $t:gold color:red
 bar:Flames at:1989 $champ mark:(line, red)
  1. -- Islanders
 bar:Islanders from:1972 till:1995  color:blue $t:white $RightIn text:"New York Islanders"
 bar:Islanders from:1995 till:2004  color:navy
 bar:Islanders from:2005 till:2010  color:navy
 bar:Islanders from:2010 till:end  color:blue
 bar:Islanders at:1980 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Islanders at:1981 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Islanders at:1982 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Islanders at:1983 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- Devils
 bar:Devils from:1974 till:1976 color:yellow $t:blue $Left text:"Kansas City Scouts"
 bar:Devils from:1976 till:1982 color:blue $t:gold $Up text:"Colorado ~Rockies"
 bar:Devils from:1982 till:2004 color:red $t:black $RightIn text:"New Jersey Devils"
 bar:Devils from:2005 till:end color:red $t:black
 bar:Devils at:1995 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Devils at:2000 $champ mark:(line, red)
 bar:Devils at:2003 $champ mark:(line, red)
  1. -- Capitals
 bar:Capitals from:1974 till:1995  color:red $t:white $RightIn text:"Washington Capitals"
 bar:Capitals from:1995 till:2004  color:vegasgold $t:white
 bar:Capitals from:2005 till:2007  color:vegasgold $t:white
 bar:Capitals from:2007 till:end  color:navy $t:white
 bar:Capitals at:2018 $champ mark:(line, navy)
  1. -- Oilers
 bar:Oilers from:1972 till:1973 color:notpro $Left text:"(WHA)          "
 bar:Oilers from:1973 till:1979 color:notpro $UpLeft text:"Alberta ~Oilers"
 bar:Oilers from:1979 till:1996  color:blue $t:orange $RightIn text:"Edmonton Oilers"
 bar:Oilers from:1996 till:2004  color:navy $t:white
 bar:Oilers from:2005 till:2011  color:navy $t:white
 bar:Oilers from:2011 till:end  color:orange $t:white
 bar:Oilers at:1984 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Oilers at:1985 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Oilers at:1987 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Oilers at:1988 $champ mark:(line, blue)
 bar:Oilers at:1990 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- Whalers / Hurricanes
 bar:Whalers from:1972 till:1979 color:notpro $Left text:"New England Whalers (WHA)"
 bar:Whalers from:1979 till:1992 color:green $t:white text:"Hartford Whalers"
 bar:Whalers from:1992 till:1997 color:navy
 bar:Whalers from:1997 till:2004 color:red2 $RightMargin $t:white text:"Carolina"
 bar:Whalers from:2005 till:end color:red2 $t:white $LeftMargin text:"Hurricanes"
 bar:Whalers at:2006 $champ mark:(line, red2)
  1. -- Nordiques / Avalanche
 bar:Avalanche from:1972 till:1979 color:notpro $Left text:"(WHA)"
 bar:Avalanche from:1979 till:1995 color:blue $t:white text:"Quebec Nordiques"
 bar:Avalanche from:1995 till:2004  color:burgundy $t:white $RightMargin text:"Colorado"
 bar:Avalanche from:2005 till:end  color:burgundy $t:white $LeftMargin text:"Avalanche"
 bar:Avalanche at:1996 $champ mark:(line, burgundy)
 bar:Avalanche at:2001 $champ mark:(line, burgundy)
  1. -- Jets / Coyotes
 bar:Coyotes from:1972 till:1979 color:notpro $Left text:"(WHA)"
 bar:Coyotes from:1979 till:1996 color:darkblue $t:red text:"Winnipeg Jets"
 bar:Coyotes from:1996 till:2004 color:black $t:white $RightMargin text:Phoenix
 bar:Coyotes from:2005 till:2014 color:cardinals_red $t:desert_sand $LeftMargin text:Coyotes
 bar:Coyotes from:2014 till:end color:cardinals_red $t:desert_sand $UpRightMargin text:"Arizona ~Coyotes"
  1. -- Sharks
 bar:Sharks from:1991 till:2004  color:teal text:"San Jose Sharks"
 bar:Sharks from:2005 till:end  color:teal 
  1. -- Senators
 bar:Senators from:1992 till:2004  color:red $t:black  text:"Ottawa Senators"
 bar:Senators from:2005 till:end  color:red $t:black
  1. -- Lightning
 bar:Lightning from:1992 till:2004 color:blue $t:white text:"Tampa Bay Lightning"
 bar:Lightning from:2005 till:end  color:blue
 bar:Lightning at:2004 $champ mark:(line, blue)
  1. -- Ducks
 bar:Ducks from:1993 till:2004 color:purple $t:white $Up text:"Mighty Ducks ~of Anaheim"
 bar:Ducks from:2005 till:2006 color:purple
 bar:Ducks from:2006 till:end  color:vegasgold $t:black text:"Anaheim Ducks"
 bar:Ducks at:2007 $champ mark:(line, vegasgold)
  1. -- Panthers
 bar:Panthers from:1993 till:2004  color:red $t:navy text:"Florida Panthers"
 bar:Panthers from:2005 till:end  color:red $t:navy
  1. -- Predators
 bar:Predators from:1998 till:2004 color:gold $t:navy
 bar:Predators from:2005 till:end color:gold $t:navy text:"Nashville Predators"
  1. -- Thrashers / Jets
 bar:Jets from:1999 till:2004 color:iceblue $t:navy $Left text:"Atlanta Thrashers"
 bar:Jets from:2005 till:2011 color:iceblue
 bar:Jets from:2011 till:end color:darkblue $t:white text:"Winnipeg Jets"
  1. -- Bluejackets
 bar:Bluejackets from:2000 till:2004 color:navy
 bar:Bluejackets from:2005 till:end  color:navy $t:white $RightMargin text:"Columbus Blue Jackets"
  1. -- Wild
 bar:Wild from:2000 till:2004 color:green 
 bar:Wild from:2005 till:end color:green $t:white text:"Minnesota Wild"
  1. -- GoldenKnights
 bar:GoldenKnights from:2017 till:end color:steelgrey $t:gold2 $Left text:"Vegas Golden Knights" 
  1. -- Kraken
 bar:Kraken from:2021 till:end  color:red $t:red $Left text:"Seattle Kraken"