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GenreAnimated comedy, comic books
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French, English
No. of episodes52
Running time30 minutes
Original release1995
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Iznogoud is an animated series, based on French comic Iznogoud. Comic books of this are also available.


  1. The Hideaway Bed
  2. Hats Off!
  3. The Magic Catalogue
  4. Hopping Back to the Future
  5. Iznogoud's Unlucky Star
  6. Iznogoud's Student
  7. Big Eyes
  8. The Time Machine
  9. Croaking the Night Away
  10. One for the Road
  11. State Visit
  12. The Mysterious Poster Hanger
  13. The Pic-Nic
  14. The Sultan's Double
  15. The Western Potion
  16. The Genie
  17. Goldfingers
  18. Incognito
  19. It's a Dog's Tune
  20. A Wonderful Machine
  21. The Curse of the Diamond
  22. Close Encounters of an Odd Kind
  23. The Challenge
  24. Slip Sliding in the Sultanate
  25. The Crazy Cruise
  26. Watch Out! There's a Fly About
  27. Giant's Island
  28. Tall Tales
  29. Elections in the Sultanate
  30. The Wax Museum
  31. The Genie of the Mirror
  32. The Memory Potion
  33. Sweet Dreams
  34. A Fairy Tale
  35. Musical Chairs
  36. The Magic Puzzle
  37. In the Summertime
  38. The Sultan's Sceptre
  39. The Sheikh's Potion
  40. Nut's Day
  41. The Sultan's Portrait
  42. The Mysterious Ointment
  43. Iznogoud's Nest Eggs
  44. The Road to Nowhere
  45. The Invisible Thread
  46. The Magical Carpet
  47. Magic Memories
  48. Souvenir's Island
  49. The Maze
  50. Mean Genie
  51. The Tiger Hunter
  52. A Hairy Statuette