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Japan Football League

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Japan Football League
Country Japan
Confederation AFC
Founded 1992
Level 3
Number of teams 18
Promotion to J. League Division 2
Relegation to Regional Leagues

Japan Football League (日本フットボールリーグ Nihon futtobōru Līgu?), known as the JFL,[1] is part of the Japanese football club system.[2] It is a third grouping after J. League Division 1 and J. League Division 2.

JFL has 18 amateur or semi-professional clubs which mirror the system of teams and athletes of the J-League. Promotion from JFL to the J-League is possible, but not automatic.[3]

Club guide

The JFL has 17 teams.[4] In 2012, the teams are:

In 2012, Arte Takasaki was removed from the list of JFL teams.[7]


Season Champions Runner-up Third place
1999 Yokohama Honda Mito Hollyhock
2000 Yokohama Honda Denso
2001 Honda Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Jatco
2002 Honda Sagawa Express Tokyo Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
2003 Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Honda Ehime
2004 Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Honda Thespa Kusatsu
2005 Ehime YKK AP Alo's Hokuriku
2006 Honda Sagawa Express Tokyo Sagawa Express Osaka
2007 Sagawa Express Rosso Kumamoto Gifu
2008 Honda Tochigi Kataller Toyama
2009 Sagawa Shiga Yokogawa Musashino Sony Sendai

Former champions

Season Division 1 Division 2
1992 Yamaha Motors Chuo Bohan
1993 Fujita Honda
1994 Cerezo Osaka -
1995 Fukuoka Blux -
1996 Honda -
1997 Consadole Sapporo -
1998 Tokyo Gas -

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