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List of Romanian composers

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This is a list of Romanian composers.

  • Anton Pann (1790s–1854), wrote Romania's national anthem
  • Ciprian Porumbescu (1853–1883), 19th century composer
  • George Enescu (1881–1955), 20th century composer, violinist, pianist; spent much of his career in France
  • Grigoraş Dinicu (1889–1949), 20th century composer best known for his violin showpiece Hora staccato
  • Martian Negrea (1893–1975), composer, teacher and conductor. His creation involves all musical formes and genres and is distinguished by a personal melodic inspiration.
  • Sabin Dragoi (1894–1968), composer and folklorist, is one of pioneers of scientific gathering of Romanian folklore.
  • Theodor Rogalski (1901–1954), composer, conductor and pianist, he had composed chamber and symphonic music. He is one of the biggest Romanian masters of orchestration.
  • Paul Constantinescu (1909–1963), 20th century composer, best known for religious and vocal music, also wrote music for Romanian films
  • Tiberiu Brediceanu (1877-1968)-was a Romanian composer and folklorist;
  • Anatol Vieru (1926–1998), winner of the Herder Prize in 1986, his creation includes symphonic, chamber and choral music.
  • Ion Ivanovici (1845-1902),was the composer of The Waves of Danube waltz;
  • Gheorghe Cucu (1882-1932), was a Romanian folklorist and composer;
  • Filaret Barbu (1903-1984), was a Romanian composer, well known for the operetta Ana Lugojana;
  • Constantin Dimitrescu (1847-1928), was the composer of Peasant Dance.
  • Ion Voicu (1923-1997), was a Romanian violinist;
  • Sergiu Celibidache ( 1912-1996 )-was a Romanian composer and conductor;
  • Constantin Silvestri (1913-1969),was a composer, who lived in England;
  • Alexander Flechtenmacher (1823-1829),was not a Romanian composer, but lived in Romania; he composed the operetta Baba Harca
  • Eduard Caudella (1841-1924)-wrote the first Romanian opera, Petru Rares
  • Teodor Teodorescu -was the composer of the acapella work Cucul
  • Mihail Jora (1891-1971)-was the Parent of Romanian ballet;important works:Intoarcerea din adancuri, La piata etc.
  • Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950) was a great Romanian pianist;
  • Nicolae Kirculescu (1903-1985) was a Romanian musician. He composed theatre and film music, amongst which "Plutasul pe *Bistriţa", the theme of Teleenciclopedia.
  • George Grigoriu (1927-1999) was the composer of The Waves of the Danube operetta;
  • Nicolae Bretan (1887–1968) was an Romanian opera composer, also baritone, conductor and critic.
  • Paraschiv Oprea (1937-2004) was a Romanian conductor, musician and composer;
  • Cornel Trăilescu (1926-)is an Romanian opera composer and conductor.
  • Doina Rotaru (1951-) is a Romanian composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works that have been performed throughout the world.
  • Cristian Matei (1977-) is a Romanian composer. Matei studied at the National University of Music in Bucharest, film music composition.
  • George Balint (1961-) is a Romanian composer.
  • Vladimir Cosma (1940-) is a composer and violinist, born in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Liviu Dănceanu (1954-)is a Romanian composer;
  • Dimitrie Cuclin (1885-1978) was a Romanian classical music composer, musicologist, philosopher, translator, and writer.
  • Valentin Gheorghiu (1928-) is a Romanian pianist and composer;
  • Ludovic Bacs (1930-) is a Romanian composer, conductor and instrumentalist;
  • Johnny Răducanu (1931-) is a Romanian jazz composer and conductor;
  • Matei Socor (1908-1980) was a composer and musician;
  • Mircea Hoinic (1910-1986) was a composer and conductor;
  • Ionel Perlea (1900-1970)-was a Romanian composer and conductor;
  • Cornel Ţăranu (1934-) is a Romanian composer from Cluj-Napoca;
  • Bogdan Bradu (1968-) is a Romanian composer, singer and violinist;
  • Octavian Nemescu (1940-) is a Romanian composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, electroacoustic, multimedia, metamusic, imaginary, and ritual works that have been heard throughout Europe and elsewhere.
  • Pascal Bentoiu (1927-) is a Romanian Modernist composer.