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Oggy and the Cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches
Created byJean-Yves Raimbaud
Developed byMarc du Pontavice
Directed byOlivier Jean-Marie
Country of originFrance
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes100. list of segments--This value to be incremented as new episodes air, not before.--> (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Editor(s)Laure Charossuett
Lou Bouniol
Patrick Ducruet
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Gaumont Film Company
Xilam Animation
Original channelFrance 3
Gulli (France)
Picture format(SDTV) (Season 1–3)
(HDTV) (Season 4)
(UHDTV [4K]) (Seasons 5–7)[1]
Original runSeptember 6, 1998 (1998-09-06) – present
Followed byZig & Sharko
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Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated television series. It was created in 1998. The main characters are Oggy, Joey, Marky, Dee Dee and Jack. It is Comedy with a good deal of comic violence.[2] A 5th season has been confirmed and will premiere sometime in 2017.[3]



Oggy:- Oggy is a cat with a light blue body, green eyes, grey tummy and white feet. Oggy usually spends his time either watching TV or doing housework — when not chasing the cockroaches. Oggy's house appears bigger on the inside, mainly featured in the roller coaster-like staircase scenes. His cousin Jack also helps him in many situations. He also goes with Jack on many journeys like on beach, catching fishes etc. But cockroaches also goes with them and make their journey in unhappy.

Joey:- Joey is a purple-pink body, purple-blue head roach with a pink right eye (originally red) and yellow left eye, and the oldest of three. Even though he's the smallest roach in the group, most of the time he's the most intelligent, always being the brain in the plans, but is sometimes forced to go solo, because his partners often think that his plans are stupid. He loves money, but his efforts always fall short, usually ending with him getting swatted or beaten up.

Marky:- Marky is a suave heartbreaking, silvery-grey body, green head roach with pink eyes. He is the tallest and middle roach of the three and often doesn't really care about what the two others are doing. While he originally used to love causing mischief just like his partners, he has grown to be more laid-back in later episodes, though he still enjoys hanging out with Joey and Dee Dee and causing general mayhem like he has always done. His hobbies are dating puppets and reading books.

Dee Dee:- Dee Dee is the ever-hungry cockroach and youngest of the three. He has a blue body, orange head and green eyes. His appetite sometimes reaches insane proportions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals or other things that would otherwise be inedible. He also like opera like Jack. Sometimes it is shown that his feet are so foul-smelling, the juice they produce is toxic and melt objects, as shown in "Caught in a Trap".

Jack:- Jack is Oggy's cousin, He is a cat who has an olive green body, yellow eyes, pale Salmon pink tummy and white feet, in the show. He is like the complete opposite of Oggy, as he is more short-tempered, violent and arrogant than him – a perfect target for Joey, Marky and Dee-Dee to annoy. Like Oggy he is also annoyed by them. He often finds himself building huge machinery, such as roach-catching contraptions, most of the time resulting in them backfiring, making him less lucky than Oggy in most situations. He is also very interested in chemistry (that is, the more explosive parts of it). Jack mostly lives and sleeps over at Oggy's house. At times, he bullies Oggy. Jack seems to be the strongest character in the show. He likes to show off, challenge the roaches and date girls – mainly Oggy's sister Monica. He is sometimes seen trying to propose to Monica, but the cockroaches' pranks always make him stop short. In one episode they seem to have a baby together and ask Oggy to babysit their child.


  • Monica (Oggy's twin sister and Jack's love interest)
  • Bob (a bulldog)
  • Olivia (Oggy's crush)


  • In end of the Season 4 finale episode, Oggy and Olivia get married in Venice, Italy.


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No. in
44 "Mission Oggy" Olivier Jean-MarieSerge ThirietRudy BlossSeptember 8, 1998 (1998-09-08)
After getting himself trapped in a drink bottle, cockroach Dee Dee is kidnapped by Oggy and locked up in the refrigerator. Upon seeing this, Marky and Joey attempt to get past Oggy's newly installed defense system and save their fellow roach by any means. While being locked inside the fridge, Dee Dee eats all of the food. 
55 "It's Been a Hard Day's Noise"
"(Tchao tympan)"
Olivier Jean-MariePhilippe Pierre-AdolphePascal DavidSeptember 10, 1998 (1998-09-10)
Oggy wants to listen to his music CD in peace, but the cockroaches decide to pump up the volume into and beyond acceptable limits. 
66 "The Patient"
"(Le Patient)"
Olivier Jean-MarieOlivier Jean-MarieFrançois ReczulskiSeptember 13, 1998 (1998-09-13)
Jack ends up frozen in a block of ice while chasing the cockroaches, so Oggy nurses him. The cockroaches decide to exchange Jack's medicine for a concoction of their own. Oggy doesn't notice anything, though. 
77 "Shake Oggy Shake"
"(Rythmes et Bleus)"
Olivier Jean-MarieMichel GaudeletteRudy BlossSeptember 14, 1998 (1998-09-14)
Oggy and Jack are doing their chores but the cockroaches crank Oggy's coffee up quite a notch to make him do everything extremely fast and make things much more difficult for Jack. 
88 "The Rise and the Fall"
"(Plus dure sera la chute)"
Olivier Jean-MarieOlivier Jean-MarieFrançois ReczulskiSeptember 15, 1998 (1998-09-15)
Jack is building a skyscraper, and Oggy has a fear of heights. Jack helps to get him to sleep, but Oggy starts sleepwalking and the cockroaches keep sabotaging the skyscraper. 
99 "It's a Small World"
"(Petit, petit, petit)"
Olivier Jean-MarieOlivier Jean-MarieDidier DegandSeptember 16, 1998 (1998-09-16)
Using a photocopier, Oggy shrinks himself down to the cockroaches' size in order to infiltrate their home and take back the key to his padlocked refrigerator. 
1010 "Happy Birthday"
"(Joyeux Anniversaire)"
Olivier Jean-MarieMichel GaudeletteChristophe PittetSeptember 17, 1998 (1998-09-17)
Oggy is having a birthday party. The cockroaches crash the party and are up to no good. What's worse for Jack, Oggy develops suicidal tendencies following an unintentional accident involving the former's champagne glass pyramid, forcing Jack to try to protect him for as long as he can, even if it means taking the lumps himself. 
1111 "Metamorphosis"
"(La Métamorphose)"
Olivier Jean-MarieSavy DurandRudy BlossSeptember 20, 1998 (1998-09-20)
After consuming a piece of irradiated chocolate, obviously placed by the cockroaches, Oggy transforms into a cockroach himself. 
1212 "Jealousy"
Olivier Jean-MarieOlivier Jean-MarieRudy BlossSeptember 21, 1998 (1998-09-21)
Oggy invites his date over to his house for dinner. However, he starts to get jealous when cockroach Marky falls in love with her. This jealousy soon escalates to a brawl.