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Ottoman Turkish language

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Ottoman Turkish
لسان عثمانى
lisân-ı Osmânî
RegionOttoman Empire
Erac. 15th century - developed into Modern Turkish in 1928[1]
Language family
Early forms:
Old Anatolian Turkish
  • Ottoman Turkish
Writing systemArabic and Persian alphabets
Official status
Official language inCretan State
Emirate of Jabal Shammar
Khedivate of Egypt
Ottoman Empire
Provisional National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus
Provisional Government of Western Thrace
Turkish Provisional Government
Turkey (Until 1928)
Language codes
ISO 639-2ota
ISO 639-3ota
Linguist Listota

Ottoman Turkish /ˈɒtəmən/, or the Ottoman language (لسان عثمانىLisân-ı Osmânî) (also known as تركچهTürkçe or تركیTürkî, "Turkish"), is a type of Turkish language that was used in the Ottoman Empire between the 13th and 20th centuries. It was heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian. It was written in the Arabic and Persian alphabets. When the Ottoman Empire was at its most powerful, Arabic and Persian words made up to 88% of its vocabulary.[3] Words of Arabic origins heavily outnumbered native Turkish words.[4]

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