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Provinces of Gran Colombia

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The 37 provinces of Gran Colombia in 1824:

Province Department District
Barinas Province Apure Department Norte
Achaguas Province Apure Department Norte
Cumaná Province Orinoco Department Norte
Barcelona Province Orinoco Department Norte
Guayana Province Orinoco Department Norte
Margarita Province Orinoco Department Norte
Caracas Province Venezuela Department Norte
Carabobo Province Venezuela Department Norte
Maracaibo Province Zulia Department Norte
Coro Province Zulia Department Norte
Mérida Province Zulia Department Norte
Trujillo Province Zulia Department Norte
Tunja Province Boyacá Department Centro
Casanare Province Boyacá Department Centro
Pamplona Province Boyacá Department Centro
Socorro Province Boyacá Department Centro
Popayán Province Cauca Department Centro
Buenaventura Province Cauca Department Centro
Chocó Province Cauca Department Centro
Pasto Province Cauca Department Centro
Bogotá Province Cundinamarca Department Centro
Antioquia Province Cundinamarca Department Centro
Mariquita Province Cundinamarca Department Centro
Neiva Province Cundinamarca Department Centro
Istmo Province Istmo Department Centro
Veraguas Province Istmo Department Centro
Cartagena Province Magdalena Department Centro
Riohacha Province Magdalena Department Centro
Santa Marta Province Magdalena Department Centro
Cuenca Province Azuay Department Sur
Loja Province Azuay Department Sur
Jaén de Bracamoros y Maynas Province Azuay Department Sur
Guayaquil Province Guayaquil Department Sur
Manabi Province Guayaquil Department Sur
Pichincha Province Ecuador Department Sur
Chimborazo Province Ecuador Department Sur
Imbabura Province Ecuador Department Sur