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A quart is a unit of measurement for volume. It is a quarter of a gallon or two pints. Because the imperial system and the American system use different gallons their quarts are different too.

Different systems

In the American system there are two different quarts. There is a wet quart and a dry quart. There is only one imperial quart. One U.S. dry quart is a little smaller than one imperial quart. Six U.S. wet pints are about five imperial pints.


1 imperial quart = 40 imperial fluid ounces (fl. oz.)
= 1.1365225 litres (exactly)
≈ 1137 ml
≈ 1.20 U.S. wet quarts
≈ 1.03 U.S. dry quarts
1 U.S. wet quart = 32 U.S. fl. oz.
= 0.946352946 litres (exactly)
≈ 946 ml
≈ 0.83 imperial quarts
≈ 0.86 U.S. dry quarts
1 U.S. dry quart = 1.101220943 litres (exactly)
≈ 1101 ml
≈ 0.97 imperial quarts
≈ 1.16 U.S. wet quarts