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Spirituality is a name given to matters of the spirit. Some people use this word instead of religion, while others see a difference.

Matters of the Spirit

"Matters of the spirit" may include the meaning in a person's life (or in all life), and how to find and improve on it. They may also include someone's search for God, the supernatural, a divine influence in their lives, or information about the afterlife, and how to best deal with each. "Matters of the spirit" may also include how to live among others as a group, or in a certain environment.

"Spiritual, but not religious"

Some who do not believe in an organized religion may still be interested in the "spirits" of humanity or of nature and live a certain way, or worship ancestors or creation because it gives them a sense of happiness to do so.

Another common usage refers to people who ascribe to ideals "greater than themselves." For many, this leads to a pursuit of some form of enlightenment, often through meditation, yoga[source?] philosophy or, in some cases, a study of Metaphysics.

Many philosophers work to find answers to spiritual questions, although some may deny the existence of a 'god' or any supernatural influences. Throughout the world however, philosophers have often had ideas about spirituality. The following are a few 20th century examples:

Arne Naess - the founder of deep ecology
Gregory Bateson - philosopher
Jiddu Krishnamurti - renowned Indian thinker
Osho/Shri Rashneesh - Indian scholar who, while a critic of religion, worked to create a new spiritual movement
Felicitas Goodman- researched the subject of trance

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