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Ten-day old tadpoles
Frog eggs

A tadpole or polliwog is a young frog that breathes and lives in the water. They hatch from small eggs laid in a pond or lake by their mother. Frog eggs are round and toad eggs are laid in long strings. There is enough food in each egg to last 21 days.

After a few weeks, they begin to grow back legs, then front legs. Soon after, the froglets begin to breathe air and lose their tails. They will grow larger, and in a few months, become adults.

Most types of tadpole eat only plants. Some types of tadpole eat plants and animals, even other smaller tadpoles. Some people believe tadpole skin could cure skin cancer.

Tadpoles Systems are different then humans.[1] Tadpoles circulatory systems are not like the human circulatory systems. While we have a four chambered heart and a double looped system the tadpole only has two chambers and a one looped system. For the digestive system they do not have their main organs so they have one long gut which helps them digest. Tadpoles eat algae and other plants that grow in their aquatic environment.


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