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Tajja(타짜 in Korean) means a professional gambler in Korea. Tajja is a comic book drew by the Korean best cartoonist "Heo Young-Man", written by the author "Kim Se-Young". This novel was once serialized in the newspaper 'Donga-ilbo'. Tajja was made in a book on 2006 september 28th. Tajja has made a 'Tajja syndrome' right away the publication among the adult readers. Recently, although this comic book is a adult-comic, every ages and sex is watching this comic book. Tajja has shown the human's desire in the front.

To do so, cartoonist "Heo Young-Man" based on a thorough collection of data by himself. He went everywhere if you could gather a information about his comic. Tajja won high praises without stint through its production that perfectly penetrated the material and a reality which it makes us an illusion like we are watching a movie. Because Heo Young-Man is the cartoonist who Korean likes the best, the reader can feel Heo Young-Man's value through Tajja.

The story is about a guy who is born in South Korea, Busan. He was a normal child as others. But one day he went to a gambling house by coincidence. That was the problem, he lost all of his money, and brought his sisters money which must be used in a marriage of her sister. Of course he lost all of his money again. So the story starts from now on to be a professional gambler and gather lots of money.