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Wikipedia Checkuser.svg CheckUser evidence has determined that this IP address (or network) has been used abusively.
This address (or network) has been blocked temporarily or permanently to prevent further abuse.

Anonymous editing and account creation is currently blocked for this IP or range due to the activities of a persistently abusive user. Registered users, however, are still able to edit. If you are currently blocked from creating an account, you may request an account via email. You must use a stable email address issued to you by your ISP, school, employer or similar organization so that we may verify that you are a legitimate user. Free email accounts (like Yahoo! mail, Google mail, or AOL) are easily obtained and abused and requests from such addresses will not be honored.

In your email, please tell us your preferred username and an account will be created for you. Please check on this list that the username you choose has not already been taken. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Note to Administrators: Please notify a Checkuser of any accounts created on this range, so the checkusers can follow up. Do not lift or modify this range block without consulting a Checkuser.

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Usage: {{checkuserblock|comments (optional)|sig=~~~~ (optional)}}

Important: Only use sig=~~~~ if you wish to sign the default blocking notice when used on a talk page. Remember that signatures are not substituted in the block reason field.

Please do not substitute this template. Information in this template may need to be updated from time to time as we obtain more information about the targeted user.en:Template:Checkuserblock-Alto