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This citation template can be used to cite Global Volcanism Program web pages using a Volcano Number.


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Parameters Value
{{cite gvp
| vnum = 
| name =
| accessdate = 
Volcano Number on web page
Volcano Name on web page
Full date

Values for vnum and name must be specified.


A documented feature in the MediaWiki software causes an error message when this template is used with unnamed parameters if the vnum contains an equals sign. For example Kerinci, a volcano in Indonesia, has a vnum of 0601-17=. When such a vnum occurs a citation like {{cite gvp|0601-17=|Kerinci}} will result in an error message. However, {{cite gvp|vnum=0601-17=|name=Kerinci}} or even {{cite gvp|1=0601-17=|2=Kerinci}} will work. For example:

{{cite gvp|1=0601-17=|2=Kerinci}}"Kerinci". Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution. 


with named parameters

{{cite gvp|vnum=1201-04-|name=Adams|accessdate=2008-07-04}}"Adams". Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved 2008-07-04. 

with named parameters

{{cite gvp|1=1201-04-|2=Adams|3=2008-07-04}}"Adams". Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved 2008-07-04. 

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