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This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Self-contradictory articles.

After posting this template

Please start a section on the article's talk page to discuss and specify the specific section that contradicts itself. The third optional parameter is the name of a specific section on the specified talk page.

It is possible to specify the subject about which the article or section is contradictory with the optional parameter about.

Example of use
{{Contradict|about=cause of death}}

Adding the optional text |section or |article specifies whether the whole article or one section is contradictory.

Examples of use


{{Contradict|about=cause of death|article}}en:Template:Contradict

fr:Modèle:Contradiction ka:თარგი:ეწინააღმდეგება ru:Шаблон:Contra sl:Predloga:Nasprotujoče sr:Шаблон:Контрадикторан sv:Mall:Motsägelse zh:Template:矛盾