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Template:Worldwide view needed

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Paste this at the top of the affected article or section.

  • Please set the date by adding |date=December 2020
  • 1st unnamed parameter: specify the extent of the problem: article or section
  • 2nd–4th unnamed parameters: specify what perspective the article is currently written from (e.g. the United States, etc.)

The pages tagged with this template will be added to Category:Articles with limited geographic scope.en:Template:Globalize ar:قالب:تعميم cs:Šablona:Globalizovat de:Vorlage:Deutschlandlastig fr:Modèle:Internationaliser hsb:Předłoha:Globalizuj it:Template:L ko:틀:세계화 ja:Template:国際化 nl:Sjabloon:Wereldwijd no:Mal:Geografisk omfang pl:Szablon:Zasięg geograficzny ro:Format:Punct de vedere mondial pt:Predefinição:Global ru:Шаблон:Глобализировать sr:Шаблон:Глобализуј sv:Mall:Global uk:Шаблон:Україніка zh-yue:Template:環球 zh:Template:Globalize