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The template will automatically detect the edit protection level (semi or full) of a page, and modify the appearance or categorization in consequence.

  • Use {{pp-template}} for the normal template (an icon at the top)
  • Use {{pp-template|small=no}} for the large template

This template will not be shown on pages that are not protected. Please note that only administrators can protect pages.

Inclusion control tags

  • When {{pp-template}} is added directly into the protected template, it should be placed inside <noinclude></noinclude> tags (otherwise, every page which uses the template will see the protection notice, which will result in an error message).
  • When {{pp-template}} is added to a documentation subpage, it should be placed inside <includeonly></includeonly> tags (otherwise, the doc page itself will also see the protection notice, which again will result in an error message).
Sometimes, several templates use the same documentation page. If not all of those templates are protected, the protection template will have to be placed directly into the protected templates only.

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