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Timeline of the National Hockey League

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The following is a timeline describing the history of the National Hockey League's teams and their histories. Non-NHL histories are also included here. This timeline starts with the first team created, the Montreal Canadiens, and it ends with the most recent one, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Grey portions in the timeline denote periods where a team was inactive for the season.

The period between the two grey bars denotes the "Original Six" era.

<timeline> DateFormat = yyyy ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:25 PlotArea = left:20 right:50 bottom:20 top:20

Colors =

id:majorGridColor value:rgb(0.9,0.9,0.9)
id:lineColor   value:gray(0.6)
id:nl1         value:gray(0.9)
id:inactive    value:gray(0.5)
id:gold        value:rgb(0.99,0.72,0.15)
id:vegasgold   value:rgb(0.80,0.72,0.49)
id:green       value:rgb(0,   0.51,0.28)
id:orange      value:rgb(1   ,0.39,0   )
id:red         value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)
id:iceblue     value:rgb(0.20,0.60,0.80)
# -- Team Colors ------------------- Team -------------------- Colors Used (Decimal RGB)
id:ANA  value:rgb(0.32,0.20,0.30)  # Anaheim Mighty Ducks       88,  52,  77
id:ANA2 value:rgb(0.14,0.12,0.13)  # Anaheim Ducks              35,  31,  32
id:ATLF value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)  # Atlanta Flames            203,   2,  17
id:ATL  value:rgb(0.20,0.60,0.80)  # Atlanta Thrashers          51, 153, 204
id:BOS  value:rgb(0.99,0.72,0.15)  # Boston Bruins             235, 184,  39
id:BRO  value:rgb(0.63,0.13,0.18)  # Brooklyn Americans        160,  34,  46
id:BUF  value:rgb(0.14,0.12,0.24)  # Buffalo Sabres             35,  31,  62
id:CGY  value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)  # Calgary Flames            203,   2,  17
id:CALG value:rgb(0,   0.53,0.49)  # California Golden Seals     0, 135, 125
id:CAL  value:rgb(0,   0.13,0.30)  # California Seals            0,  33,  77
id:CAR  value:rgb(0.88,0.23,0.24)  # Carolina Hurricanes       225,  58,  62
id:CHI  value:rgb(0.89,0.22,0.24)  # Chicago Blackhawks        226,  55,  62
id:CLE  value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)  # Cleveland Barons          203,   2,  17
id:COL  value:rgb(0.55,0.22,0.26)  # Colorado Avalanche        139,  41,  66
id:COLR value:rgb(0,   0.39,0.65)  # Colorado Rockies            0,  99, 166
id:CLB  value:rgb(0,   0.16,0.36)  # Columbus Blue Jackets       0,  40,  93
id:DAL  value:rgb(0,   0.35,0.22)  # Dallas Stars                0,  88,  55
id:DETC value:rgb(0.90,0.05,0.18)  # Detroit Cougars           230,  13,  46
id:DETF value:rgb(0.93,0.81,0.24)  # Detroit Falcons           237, 207,  61
id:DET  value:rgb(0.90,0.05,0.18)  # Detroit Red Wings         230,  13,  46
id:EDM  value:rgb(0,   0.16,0.36)  # Edmonton Oilers             0,  40,  93
id:FLA  value:rgb(0,   0.16,0.36)  # Florida Panthers            0,  40,  93
id:HAM  value:rgb(0.91,0.64,0.27)  # Hamilton Tigers           231, 163,  70
id:HFD  value:rgb(0.03,0.09,0.35)  # Hartford Whalers            8,  24,  90
id:KC   value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)  # Kansas City Scouts        203,   2,  17
id:LA   value:rgb(0.14,0.20,0.54)  # Los Angeles Kings          35,  50, 137
id:MINN value:rgb(0,   0.51,0.28)  # Minnesota North Stars       0,  31,  72
id:MIN  value:rgb(0,   0.35,0.22)  # Minnesota Wild              0,  88,  55
id:MTL  value:rgb(0.75,0.18,0.22)  # Montreal Canadiens        191,  47,  56
id:MTLM value:rgb(0.53,0.21,0.29)  # Montreal Maroons          135,  53,  74
id:MTLW value:rgb(0.81,0.11,0.14)  # Montreal Wanderers        206,  28,  35
id:NSH  value:rgb(0,   0.16,0.36)  # Nashville Predators         0,  40,  93
id:NJ   value:rgb(0.88,0.23,0.24)  # New Jersey Devils         225,  58,  62
id:NYA  value:rgb(0.88,0.23,0.24)  # New York Americans        225,  58,  62
id:NYI  value:rgb(0,   0.16,0.36)  # New York Islanders          0,  40,  93
id:NYR  value:rgb(0,   0.38,0.66)  # New York Rangers            0,  96, 169
id:OAK  value:rgb(0,   0.59,0.29)  # Oakland Seals               0, 130,  74
id:OTT  value:rgb(0.88,0.23,0.24)  # Ottawa Senators (1993-)   225,  58,  62
id:OTT1 value:rgb(0.56,0.20,0.18)  # Ottawa Senators (1917-34) 142,  50,  47
id:PIT  value:rgb(0.80,0.72,0.49)  # Pittsburgh Penguins       205, 184, 124
id:PITP value:rgb(0.99,0.72,0.20)  # Pittsburgh Pirates        252, 184,  50
id:PHI  value:rgb(0.96,0.47,0.24)  # Philadelphia Flyers       244, 121,  62
id:PHIQ value:rgb(1   ,0.39,0   )  # Philadelphia Quakers      255,  99,   0
id:PHX  value:rgb(0.56,0,   0.16)  # Phoenix Coyotes           144,   0,  40
id:QUEB value:rgb(0.04,0.32,0.52)  # Quebec Bulldogs            10,  82, 133
id:QUE  value:rgb(0.20,0.60,0.80)  # Quebec Nordiques           51, 153, 204
id:SJ   value:rgb(0,   0.42,0.52)  # San Jose Sharks             0, 108, 133
id:STL  value:rgb(0,   0.32,0.61)  # St. Louis Blues             0,  82, 155
id:STLE value:rgb(0.70,0.04,0.03)  # St. Louis Eagles          178,   9,   7
id:TB   value:rgb(0.14,0.12,0.13)  # Tampa Bay Lightning        35,  31,  32
id:TORA value:rgb(0.20,0.29,0.52)  # Toronto Arenas             52,  74, 132
id:TOR  value:rgb(0,   0.22,0.46)  # Toronto Maple Leafs         0,  56, 118
id:TORS value:rgb(0,   0.41,0.25)  # Toronto St. Patricks        0, 105,  63
id:VAN  value:rgb(0.02,0.05,0.23)  # Vancouver Canucks           4,  12,  58
id:WSH  value:rgb(0.81,0.11,0.14)  # Washington Capitals       206,  28,  35
id:WSHB value:rgb(0.14,0.12,0.13)  # Washington Capitals Black  35,  31,  32
id:WPG  value:rgb(0,   0.24,0.49)  # Winnipeg Jets               0,  62, 126

Period = from:1917 till:2008 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy ScaleMajor = start:1920 increment:5 gridcolor:majorGridColor

LineData =

at:1942 color:lineColor
at:1967 color:lineColor

BarData =

bar:MTL             # Montreal Canadiens
bar:MTLW            # Montreal Wanderers
bar:TOR             # Toronto Arenas / Toronto St. Patricks / Toronto Maple Leafs
bar:OTT1            # Ottawa Senators / St. Louis Eagles
bar:NYA             # Quebec Bulldogs / Hamilton Tigers / New York Americans / Brooklyn Americans
bar:BOS             # Boston Bruins
bar:MTLM            # Montreal Maroons
bar:PITP            # Pittsburgh Pirates / Philadelphia Quakers
bar:CHI             # Chicago Blackhawks
bar:DET             # Detroit Cougars / Detroit Falcons / Detroit Red Wings
bar:NYR             # New York Rangers
bar:STL             # St. Louis Blues
bar:LA              # Los Angeles Kings
bar:PIT             # Pittsburgh Penguins
bar:PHI             # Philadelphia Flyers
bar:DAL             # Minnesota North Stars / Dallas Stars
bar:OAK             # Oakland Seals / California Golden Seals / California Seals / Cleveland Barons
bar:BUF             # Buffalo Sabres
bar:VAN             # Vancouver Canucks
bar:NYI             # New York Islanders
bar:CGY             # Atlanta Flames / Calgary Flames
bar:NJ              # Kansas City Scouts / Colorado Rockies / New Jersey Devils
bar:WSH             # Washington Capitals
bar:EDM             # Edmonton Oilers
bar:CAR             # Hartford Whalers / Carolina Hurricanes
bar:COL             # Quebec Nordiques / Colorado Avalanche
bar:PHX             # Winnipeg Jets / Phoenix Coyotes
bar:SJ              # San Jose Sharks
bar:OTT             # Ottawa Senators
bar:TB              # Tampa Bay Lightning
bar:ANA             # Anaheim Mighty Ducks
bar:FLA             # Florida Panthers
bar:NSH             # Nashville Predators
bar:ATL             # Atlanta Thrashers
bar:MIN             # Minnesota Wild
bar:CLB             # Columbus Blue Jackets

Define $Up = shift:(,1) Define $Left = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,) Define $Right = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,) Define $Down = shift:(,-10)

Define $UpLeft = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,1) Define $UpRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,1) Define $DownRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,-10)

PlotData =

anchor:middle # other options are anchor:from anchor:till
align:center  # other options are align:left  align:right
bar:MTL  from:1967     till:end                text:"Montreal Canadiens"       textcolor:white
bar:MTL  from:start    till:2004 color:MTL     link:/wiki/Montreal_Canadiens
bar:MTL  from:2005     till:end  color:MTL     link:/wiki/Montreal_Canadiens
bar:MTLW at:1918                               text:"Montreal Wanderers (1)"   $Right
bar:MTLW from:start    till:1918 color:MTLW    link:/wiki/Montreal_Wanderers
bar:TOR  at:1919                               text:"Toronto~Arenas"           $UpLeft
bar:TOR  at:1919                               text:"Toronto~St. Patricks"     textcolor:white $UpRight
bar:TOR  from:1967     till:end                text:"Toronto Maple Leafs"      textcolor:white
bar:TOR  from:start    till:1919 color:TORA    link:/wiki/Toronto_Arenas
bar:TOR  from:1919     till:1926 color:TORS    link:/wiki/Toronto_St._Patricks
bar:TOR  from:1926     till:2004 color:TOR     link:/wiki/Toronto_Maple_Leafs
bar:TOR  from:2005     till:end  color:TOR     link:/wiki/Toronto_Maple_Leafs
bar:OTT1 from:start    till:1934               text:"Ottawa Senators (3)"      textcolor:white
bar:OTT1 at:1935                               text:"St. Louis~Eagles"         $UpRight
bar:OTT1 from:start    till:1931 color:OTT1    link:/wiki/Ottawa_Senators__(original)
bar:OTT1 from:1932     till:1934 color:OTT1    link:/wiki/Ottawa_Senators__(original)
bar:OTT1 from:1934     till:1935 color:STLE    link:/wiki/St._Louis_Eagles
bar:NYA  from:start    till:1920               text:"Quebec~Bulldogs (2)"      $Up
bar:NYA  at:1920                               text:"Hamilton~Tigers"          $UpRight
bar:NYA  from:1925     till:1941               text:"New York Americans"
bar:NYA  at:1942                               text:"Brooklyn~Americans"       $UpRight
bar:NYA  from:start    till:1918 color:QUEB    link:/wiki/Quebec_Bulldogs
bar:NYA  from:1919     till:1920 color:QUEB    link:/wiki/Quebec_Bulldogs
bar:NYA  from:1920     till:1925 color:HAM     link:/wiki/Hamilton_Tigers
bar:NYA  from:1925     till:1941 color:NYA     link:/wiki/New_York_Americans
bar:NYA  from:1941     till:1942 color:BRO     link:/wiki/Brooklyn_Americans
bar:BOS  from:1967     till:end                text:"Boston Bruins"
bar:BOS  from:1924     till:2004 color:BOS     link:/wiki/Boston_Bruins
bar:BOS  from:2005     till:end  color:BOS     link:/wiki/Boston_Bruins
bar:MTLM from:1924     till:1938               text:"Montreal Maroons"         textcolor:white
bar:MTLM from:1924     till:1938 color:MTLM    link:/wiki/Montreal_Maroons
bar:PITP at:1930                               text:"Pittsburgh~Pirates"       $UpLeft
bar:PITP at:1931                               text:"Philadelphia Quakers"     $Right
bar:PITP from:1925     till:1930 color:PITP    link:/wiki/Pittsburgh_Pirates__(NHL)
bar:PITP from:1930     till:1931 color:PHIQ    link:/wiki/Philadelphia_Quakers
  1. --- Expansion from fall of PCHA/WCHL
bar:CHI  at:1925                               text:"Regina~Capitals"          $UpLeft
bar:CHI  at:1925                               text:"Portland~Rosebuds"        textcolor:white $UpRight
bar:CHI  from:1967     till:end                text:"Chicago Blackhawks"
bar:CHI  from:1921     till:1925 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Regina_Capitals
bar:CHI  from:1925     till:1926 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Portland_Rosebuds
bar:CHI  from:1926     till:2004 color:CHI     link:/wiki/Chicago_Blackhawks
bar:CHI  from:2005     till:end  color:CHI     link:/wiki/Chicago_Blackhawks
bar:DET  at:1926                               text:"Victoria~Cougars"         $UpLeft
bar:DET  at:1926                               text:"Detroit~Cougars"          textcolor:white $UpRight
bar:DET  at:1930                               text:"Falcons"                  textcolor:black $Right
bar:DET  from:1967     till:end                text:"Detroit Red Wings"        textcolor:white
bar:DET  from:1922     till:1926 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Victoria_Cougars
bar:DET  from:1926     till:1930 color:DETC    link:/wiki/Detroit_Cougars
bar:DET  from:1930     till:1932 color:DETF    link:/wiki/Detroit_Falcons__(hockey)
bar:DET  from:1932     till:2004 color:DET     link:/wiki/Detroit_Red_Wings
bar:DET  from:2005     till:end  color:DET     link:/wiki/Detroit_Red_Wings
bar:NYR  from:1967     till:end                text:"New York Rangers"
bar:NYR  from:1926     till:2004 color:NYR     link:/wiki/New_York_Rangers
bar:NYR  from:2005     till:end  color:NYR     link:/wiki/New_York_Rangers
  1. --- "Expansion Six" ---
bar:STL  from:1967     till:end                text:"St. Louis Blues"          textcolor:gold
bar:STL  from:1967     till:2004 color:STL     link:/wiki/St._Louis_Blues__(hockey)
bar:STL  from:2005     till:end  color:STL     link:/wiki/St._Louis_Blues__(hockey)

bar:LA   from:1967     till:end                text:"Los Angeles Kings"
bar:LA   from:1967     till:2004 color:LA      link:/wiki/Los_Angeles_Kings
bar:LA   from:2005     till:end  color:LA      link:/wiki/Los_Angeles_Kings
bar:PIT  from:1967     till:end                text:"Pittsburgh Penguins"
bar:PIT  from:1967     till:2004 color:PIT     link:/wiki/Pittsburgh_Penguins
bar:PIT  from:2005     till:end  color:PIT     link:/wiki/Pittsburgh_Penguins
bar:PHI  from:1967     till:end                text:"Philadelphia Flyers"
bar:PHI  from:1967     till:2004 color:PHI     link:/wiki/Philadelphia_Flyers
bar:PHI  from:2005     till:end  color:PHI     link:/wiki/Philadelphia_Flyers
bar:DAL  from:1967     till:1993               text:"Minnesota North Stars"    textcolor:gold
bar:DAL  from:1993     till:end                text:"Dallas Stars"
bar:DAL  from:1967     till:1993 color:MINN    link:/wiki/Minnesota_North_Stars
bar:DAL  from:1993     till:2004 color:DAL     link:/wiki/Dallas_Stars
bar:DAL  from:2005     till:end  color:DAL     link:/wiki/Dallas_Stars
bar:OAK  at:1967                               text:"San Francisco Seals"      $Left
bar:OAK  at:1967                               text:"Oakland"                  textcolor:white $DownRight
bar:OAK  at:1976                               text:"Cal Golden~Seals"         $UpLeft
bar:OAK  at:1978                               text:"Cleveland Barons (4)"     $Right
bar:OAK  from:1961     till:1967 color:nl1     link:/wiki/San_Francisco_Seals__(hockey)
bar:OAK  from:1967     till:1970 color:OAK     link:/wiki/Oakland_Seals
bar:OAK  from:1970     till:1976 color:CALG    link:/wiki/California_Golden_Seals
bar:OAK  from:1976     till:1978 color:CLE     link:/wiki/Cleveland_Barons__(NHL)
  1. --- Modern era expansions ---
bar:BUF  from:1970     till:end                text:"Buffalo Sabres"           textcolor:gold
bar:BUF  from:1970     till:2004 color:BUF     link:/wiki/Buffalo_Sabres
bar:BUF  from:2005     till:end  color:BUF     link:/wiki/Buffalo_Sabres
bar:VAN  at:1945                               text:"Vancouver Canucks"        $Left
bar:VAN  from:1945     till:1952               text:"(PCHL)"
bar:VAN  from:1952     till:1970               text:"(WHL)"
bar:VAN  from:1970     till:end                text:"Vancouver Canucks"        textcolor:white
bar:VAN  from:1945     till:1952 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Vancouver_Canucks
bar:VAN  from:1952     till:1970 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Vancouver_Canucks
bar:VAN  from:1970     till:2004 color:VAN     link:/wiki/Vancouver_Canucks
bar:VAN  from:2005     till:end  color:VAN     link:/wiki/Vancouver_Canucks
bar:NYI  from:1972     till:end                text:"New York Islanders"       textcolor:orange
bar:NYI  from:1972     till:2004 color:NYI     link:/wiki/New_York_Islanders
bar:NYI  from:2005     till:end  color:NYI     link:/wiki/New_York_Islanders
bar:CGY  from:1972     till:1980               text:"Atlanta~Flames"           textcolor:gold $Up
bar:CGY  from:1980     till:end                text:"Calgary Flames"           textcolor:gold
bar:CGY  from:1972     till:1980 color:ATLF    link:/wiki/Atlanta_Flames
bar:CGY  from:1980     till:2004 color:CGY     link:/wiki/Calgary_Flames
bar:CGY  from:2005     till:end  color:CGY     link:/wiki/Calgary_Flames
bar:NJ   at:1976                               text:"Kansas City~Scouts"       $UpLeft
bar:NJ   from:1976     till:1982               text:"Colorado~Rockies"         $Up
bar:NJ   from:1982     till:end                text:"New Jersey Devils"
bar:NJ   from:1974     till:1976 color:KC      link:/wiki/Kansas_City_Scouts
bar:NJ   from:1976     till:1982 color:COLR    link:/wiki/Colorado_Rockies__(NHL)
bar:NJ   from:1982     till:2004 color:NJ      link:/wiki/New_Jersey_Devils
bar:NJ   from:2005     till:end  color:NJ      link:/wiki/New_Jersey_Devils
bar:WSH  from:1974     till:1995               text:"Washington Capitals"      textcolor:blue
bar:WSH  from:1995     till:2007               text:" "                        textcolor:vegasgold
bar:WSH  from:1974     till:1995 color:WSH     link:/wiki/Washington_Capitals
bar:WSH  from:1995     till:2004 color:WSHB    link:/wiki/Washington_Capitals
bar:WSH  from:2005     till:2007 color:WSHB    link:/wiki/Washington_Capitals
bar:WSH  from:2007     till:end  color:WSH     link:/wiki/Washington_Capitals
  1. --- The WHA Four ---
bar:EDM  at:1972                               text:"Alberta Oilers (WHA)"     $Left
bar:EDM  from:1973     till:1979               text:"Edmonton~(WHA)"           $Up
bar:EDM  from:1979     till:end                text:"Edmonton Oilers"          textcolor:vegasgold
bar:EDM  from:1972     till:1973 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Alberta_Oilers
bar:EDM  from:1973     till:1979 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Edmonton_Oilers
bar:EDM  from:1979     till:2004 color:EDM     link:/wiki/Edmonton_Oilers
bar:EDM  from:2005     till:end  color:EDM     link:/wiki/Edmonton_Oilers
bar:CAR  at:1979                               text:"New England~Whalers (WHA)" $UpLeft
bar:CAR  from:1979     till:1997               text:"Hartford Whalers"         textcolor:green
bar:CAR  from:1997     till:end                text:"Carolina~Hurricanes"      textcolor:white $Up
bar:CAR  from:1972     till:1979 color:nl1     link:/wiki/New_England_Whalers
bar:CAR  from:1979     till:1997 color:HFD     link:/wiki/Hartford_Whalers
bar:CAR  from:1997     till:2004 color:CAR     link:/wiki/Carolina_Hurricanes
bar:CAR  from:2005     till:end  color:CAR     link:/wiki/Carolina_Hurricanes
bar:COL  at:1979                               text:"Quebec~Nordiques (WHA)"   $UpLeft
bar:COL  from:1979     till:1995               text:"Quebec Nordiques"
bar:COL  from:1995     till:end                text:"Colorado~Avalanche"       $Up
bar:COL  from:1972     till:1979 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Quebec_Nordiques
bar:COL  from:1979     till:1995 color:QUE     link:/wiki/Quebec_Nordiques
bar:COL  from:1995     till:2004 color:COL     link:/wiki/Colorado_Avalanche
bar:COL  from:2005     till:end  color:COL     link:/wiki/Colorado_Avalanche
bar:PHX  at:1979                               text:"Winnipeg~Jets (WHA)"      $UpLeft
bar:PHX  from:1979     till:1996               text:"Winnipeg Jets"            textcolor:red
bar:PHX  from:1996     till:end                text:"Phoenix~Coyotes"          $Up
bar:PHX  from:1972     till:1979 color:nl1     link:/wiki/Winnipeg_Jets
bar:PHX  from:1979     till:1996 color:WPG     link:/wiki/Winnipeg_Jets
bar:PHX  from:1996     till:2004 color:PHX     link:/wiki/Phoenix_Coyotes
bar:PHX  from:2005     till:end  color:PHX     link:/wiki/Phoenix_Coyotes
  1. --- Early 90s expansion ---
bar:SJ   from:1991     till:end                text:"San Jose Sharks"
bar:SJ   from:1991     till:2004 color:SJ      link:/wiki/San_Jose_Sharks
bar:SJ   from:2005     till:end  color:SJ      link:/wiki/San_Jose_Sharks
bar:OTT  from:1992     till:end                text:"Ottawa Senators"
bar:OTT  from:1992     till:2004 color:OTT     link:/wiki/Ottawa_Senators
bar:OTT  from:2005     till:end  color:OTT     link:/wiki/Ottawa_Senators
bar:TB   from:1992     till:end                text:"Tampa Bay Lightning"      textcolor: white
bar:TB   from:1992     till:2004 color:TB      link:/wiki/Tampa_Bay_Lightning
bar:TB   from:2005     till:end  color:TB      link:/wiki/Tampa_Bay_Lightning
bar:ANA  from:1993     till:2005               text:"Mighty Ducks~of Anaheim"  textcolor:white $Up
bar:ANA  at:2006                               text:"Anaheim~Ducks"            textcolor:vegasgold $UpRight
bar:ANA  from:1993     till:2004 color:ANA     link:/wiki/Anaheim_Mighty_Ducks
bar:ANA  from:2005     till:2006 color:ANA     link:/wiki/Anaheim_Mighty_Ducks
bar:ANA  from:2006     till:end  color:ANA2    link:/wiki/Anaheim_Ducks
bar:FLA  from:1993     till:end                text:"Florida Panthers"         textcolor:gold
bar:FLA  from:1993     till:2004 color:FLA     link:/wiki/Florida_Panthers
bar:FLA  from:2005     till:end  color:FLA     link:/wiki/Florida_Panthers
  1. --- Late 90s expansion ---
bar:NSH  from:1998     till:end                text:"Nashville~Predators"      textcolor:gold $Up
bar:NSH  from:1998     till:2004 color:NSH     link:/wiki/Nashville_Predators
bar:NSH  from:2005     till:end  color:NSH     link:/wiki/Nashville_Predators
bar:ATL  from:1999     till:end                text:"Atlanta~Thrashers"        textcolor:gold $Up
bar:ATL  from:1999     till:2004 color:ATL     link:/wiki/Atlanta_Thrashers
bar:ATL  from:2005     till:end  color:ATL     link:/wiki/Atlanta_Thrashers
bar:MIN  from:2000     till:end                text:"Minnesota~Wild"           $Up
bar:MIN  from:2000     till:2004 color:MIN     link:/wiki/Minnesota_Wild
bar:MIN  from:2005     till:end  color:MIN     link:/wiki/Minnesota_Wild
bar:CLB  from:2000     till:end                text:"Columbus~Blue Jackets"    textcolor:red $Up
bar:CLB  from:2000     till:2004 color:CLB     link:/wiki/Columbus_Blue_Jackets
bar:CLB  from:2005     till:end  color:CLB     link:/wiki/Columbus_Blue_Jackets



  • Some of the first teams were active before the creation of the "NHL"


  1. Team disbanded mid-season
  2. Team inactive 1918–19
  3. Team inactive 1931–32
  4. Team merged with Minnesota North Stars

All teams were inactive 2004–05

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