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Vaan is a fake character in the Final Fantasy series. He is also the main character of Final Fantasy XII.


In the beginning of the making of Final Fantasy, Basch was set to be the main character; but it was switched to Vaan. The team who made the game decided that a big, strong man would not be popular to the public.[1]

The person who plays as Vaan in Final Fantasy XII is Bobby Edner in the English game and Kouhei Takeda in the Japanese game.


Vaan is the main character in Final Fantasy XII. He is an orphan. His parents died in from being sick when he was 12. He lost his brother, Reks, two years before the game starts. He makes money by doing things for his friend Migelo. He wants to be a sky pirate when he grows up.

During the game Final Fantasy Revenant Wings, Vaan owns the ship called Galbana.


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