WAGR U class (1903)

Builder's photo of U class No. 7 in 1903 by Vulcan Foundry.

The WAGR U class was a single small side tank steam locomotive operated by the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) from 1904 to 1940.

The U class was built in 1903 by Vulcan Foundry of Newton-le-Willows, England with a crane that could lift up to three tons. It was numbered 7 and used exclusively at Midland Railway Workshops. In 1925 No. 7 was rebuilt with the crane being removed and fuel capacity increased. It continued in service until 1940 when it was withdrawn and scrapped.

U class No. 7 at Midland Workshops, around 1904 in original condition.
No. 7 as rebuilt without crane, shunting at Midland workshops complex in 1926.