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A stripe is a long, straight line of a single color, may mean:

  • Candystripe, a pattern of diagonal stripes twisted around a cylinder stereotypically embodied by the candy cane
  • Candystriper, a nickname for a female hospital volunteer derived from a formerly common outfit
  • Chevron (insignia), sometimes referred to as stripes, a mark of military rank
  • Data striping, the segmentation of logically sequential data so that segments can be written to multiple physical devices
  • Go-faster stripes, refer to an imitative decoration applied to cars to make them appear to be modified for extra speed
  • Magnetic stripe card, a type of card capable of storing data via magnetism
  • Red Stripe, a Jamaican lager-style beer whose logo is a bold, diagonal red stripe
  • Service stripe, an award in the United States armed forces
  • S.T.R.I.P.E. (aka Pat Dugan), a fictional superhero in the DC Comics universe
  • Striped paint, a classic example of a snipe hunt, a type of prank
  • The Candystripes, nickname for Derry City F.C., an Irish football club

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