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Norwegian Bokmål
norsk   •   bokmål
Pronunciation[nɔʂk] • [ˈbuːkmɔːl]
Native toNorway, Denmark
Native speakers~ 4 million  (date missing)
Language family
Standard forms
Bokmål (official)
Riksmål (unofficial)
Writing systemLatin (Norwegian alphabet)
Official status
Official language inNorway
Nordic Council
Regulated byNorwegian Language Council (Bokmål proper)
Norwegian Academy (Riksmål)
Language codes
ISO 639-1nb
ISO 639-2nob
ISO 639-3nob
Linguasphere52-AAA-ba to -be &
52-AAA-cd to -cg

Bokmål ("ˈbuːkmɔːl", lit. "book language") is one of two official Norwegian languages. It is used in written form. It is one of the standard languages. The other is Nynorsk. Bokmål is used by 85–90%[1] of the population in Norway. It is the standard most common way to teach to foreign students.

Bokmål is regulated by the governmental Norwegian Language Council. A more conservative orthographic standard is called Riksmål. Riksmål is regulated by the non-governmental Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature.


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