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Orto botanico di Pisa, example of a botanical Garden

A botanical garden is generally a well kept garden or a park which contains many different kinds of plants labeled with their botanical names. They can contain collections of special types of plants, such as cacti, herb gardens, plants of certain parts of the world. Some of these collections need to be kept in greenhouses, such as tropical plants, alpine plants or other exotic plants.

In botanic gardens, seeds or cuttings are collected from species in the wild and then used to build up a population of plants from which, one day, some plants may be reintroduced to their natural habitats. Tissue culture can often help to produce many plants from just a few specimens. [1] The garden encompasses all green vegetation with specific names and values that add beauty to the environment. The plant needs to be selected and considered for onward discovery, classification, naming and systematic.

Botanical gardens employ professional botanists. Botanists make sure the information given about plants is correct, and also they do research.

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