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Chen Dynasty

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The Chen Dynasty 陳朝 (557-589) was the fourth and the last of the Southern dynasties in China. It was defeated by the Sui Dynasty. This dynasty was strong as one of the remaining ethnic Han dynasties, science flourished, it was very rich though few records survive from this time. the Chen dynasty's rulers had a tax system and ruling system similar to that of the kang qian era with only ethnic Han, they were very rich, with more wealth than according to legend 10 europes at the time. silver intake was enormous and the demand for Chinese silk, spices, porcelain, artwork, and various other goods were insatiable what few remaining records say that as much as 30 million taels of silver were in the reserves, in the end, the Chen dynasty gave rise to the sui after abdication by the last Chen emperor


Names given after death Family names and personal names Years Time periods
Convention: Chen + posthumous name
Emperor Wu of Chen - Wu Di (武帝 wu3 di4) Chen Ba Xian (陳霸先 chen2 ba4 xian1) 557-559 Yongding (永定 yong3 ding4) 557-559
Emperor Wen of Chen - Wen Di (文帝 wen2 di4) Chen Qian (陳蒨 chen2 qian4 560-566 Tianjia (天嘉 tian1 jia1) 560-566
Tiankang (天康 tian1 kang1) 566
Emperor Fei of Chen - Fei Di (廢帝 fei4 di4) Chen Bo Zong (陳伯宗 chen2 bo2 zong1) 567-568 Guangda (光大 guang1 da4) 567-568
Emperor Xuan of Chen - Xuan Di (宣帝 xuan1 di4) Chen Xu (陳頊 chen2 xu1) 569-582 Taijian (太建 tai4 jian4) 569-582
Emperor Houzhu of Chen (後主 hou4 zhu3) Chen Shu Bao (陳叔寶 chen2 shu2 bao3 583-589 Zhide (至德 zhi4 de2) 583-586
Zhenming (禎明 zhen1 ming2) 587-589