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Doner kebab

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Döner served at a restaurant in Ankara, Turkey.
A "dürüm döner" wrapped in lavaş flat bread.

The doner kebab (or donner kebab, but seldom döner) kebab with salad and sauce is a very popular food.

Kebab shops offer hot chili sauce and garlic yoghurt-style sauce. Barbecue sauce, burger sauce, lemon juice, or a mint sauce similar to raita are also popular.

Kebabs are often eaten as take-away food on the way home after a night out. There are several common ways in which doner kebabs are served.

  • Wrapped in pita bread (the most common)
  • On naan bread
  • Served as a dish of "doner meat (and maybe chips), typically including salad
  • Often preferred to be garnished with a range of sauces such as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, chili sauce, mint or garlic sauce.

In the UK

Döner is not considered a "kebap" in Turkey. The various döner dishes, including iskender are listed on a separate page in the menu of a Turkish restaurant in Ankara. The "kebap" dishes have a separate page.

Kebabs are very much part of the Friday and Saturday night culture in the UK rather than breakfast or lunchtime food. UK doner kebab often uses a different mixture of spices, because immigrants from Cyprus run many of the shops. They may offer doner, shish (lamb and chicken) and kofte kebabs, with a 'special' including some of each with bread and chips.