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Dongdongju is a traditional liquor in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Dongdongju was named because the grains of boiled rice float to the surface of the drink while it is brewed. It is also called Buryuju(floating alcohol).

There are two ways to brew Dongdongju. One way is to brew with non-glutinous rice, yeast, wheat flour, and water. The other way is to brew with glutinous rice, yeast powder, and water. In the Korean book named Kyu Gon Si Ui Bang, the making process of Dongdongju is written very precisely.

In 1983, the Korean cultural assets office sent a report of investigation and designated Kwon O soo to the making vocational technician of Kyungi Dongdongju. According to him, with 100 kilogram of glutinous rice, 14L of water (14%), and 15 kg of yeast (15%), 240L of Dongdongju can be brewed about 15~20 days. It can be brewed any time, but especially from September to November is the right time to brew.