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Doom 3

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Doom 3 (or Doom III in roman numerals), is a sequel to the first-person shooter game Doom 2. It was created by iD Software, and came out in 2004. It was the first to not be based on the same game engine as Doom and Doom 2, and had 40 levels. Doom 3 has a very dark environment, and the player carries a flashlight to light the way, although the flashlight can't be used at the same time as the weapons, except in the BFG Edition.

Changes from Doom 2

  • Much higher texture resolution and quality
  • More focus on the plot than in the original Doom.
  • Contains video and speech
  • Most of the weapons and monsters from Doom 2 are present, but they look different
  • Support for room-over-room, colored lighting, mouse look, and sloped surfaces
  • Support for scripting
  • Most (but not all) sounds replaced
  • Weapons must be reloaded and do not fire continuously
  • Monsters are faster and will charge at the player and attempt to dodge the player's bullets
  • Cheat codes are different (typing one of the original cheat codes displays the message "your memory serves you well!")
  • The status bar face was removed
  • The player now carries a "PDA" (Personal Data Assistant) that is used to unlock doors (in Doom 2 red, yellow, and blue keys unlocked doors)
  • No clipping (walk through walls/floors) cheat code disables clipping through both walls and floors (in Doom 2 it only disabled clipping through walls)
  • Nightmare mode is not playable until completing the game on any of the lower difficulty modes.
  • Some monsters from Hell no longer leave behind corpses (but zombies still do)

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