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First-person shooter

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Freedoom, a first-person shooter

A first-person shooter is a computer or video game where the player sees the level from the eyes of the character being played.

These games are also called FPS for short. Lots of them are violent and about killing other game characters. Because they are from the view of the character, a player can only see his or her hands and weapon.

Usual signs that a game is an FPS is that the player can see:

  • Only hands and a weapon are visible.
  • Information about the health of the player
  • Information of how much ammunition is left
  • A map that shows where to go
  • An aiming cross (crosshair) in the middle of the screen that looks like this (although older games such as Doom might not have a crosshair):
        -- --

Some popular FPSs are for example: