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Engrish is a word that is used to describe the misuse of the English language by people who do not speak English very well. Engrish describes examples of careless English on signs or clothing in public places or in businesses where proper language is expected. It does not refer to examples of unclear English used by people who speak little or no English trying to speak the English language. Engrish can be found in East Asian countries, and also many places in other places where a lot of East Asians live. Engrish has been found on many things from poorly translated signs, menus, and manuals to strangely worded advertisements, food items, and strange t-shirt slogans. Engrish also sometimes happens when a word or sentence is badly translated on the Internet.

The name "Engrish" comes from the fact that some languages, such as Japanese, do not have separate sounds for "R" and "L."