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Coordinates: 43°14′12″N 2°23′05″E / 43.23667°N 2.38472°E / 43.23667; 2.38472
Source of the Fresquel river
Country France
Region Occitanie
Departments Aude, Haute-Garonne
Communes See list
 - left Lampy, Rougeanne
 - right Tréboul
Cities Carcassonne, Castelnaudary
 - location Baraigne, Aude, Occitanie, France
 - elevation 265 m (869 ft)
 - coordinates 43°19′26″N 1°50′08″E / 43.32389°N 1.83556°E / 43.32389; 1.83556
Confluence Rhône
 - location Carcassonne, Aude, Occitanie, France
 - elevation 45 m (148 ft)
 - coordinates 43°14′12″N 2°23′05″E / 43.23667°N 2.38472°E / 43.23667; 2.38472
Length 63 km (39 mi)
Basin 932 km² (360 sq mi)
Discharge for Carcassonne
 - average 5.18 /s (183 cu ft/s)
Wikimedia Commons: Fresquel

The Fresquel is a river in southern France, a left tributary of the Aude river. The river flows mainly through the French department of Aude.


The Fresquel river has a length of 63 km (39 mi) and a drainage basin with an area of approximately 932 km2 (360 sq mi).[1]

Its average yearly discharge (volume of water which passes through a section of the river per unit of time) is 5.18 m3/s (183 cu ft/s) at Carcassonne in the Aude department.[2]

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bar:Feb from:0 till: 10.300
bar:Mar from:0 till: 8.700
bar:Apr from:0 till: 8.650
bar:May from:0 till: 7.050
bar:Jun from:0 till: 4.080
bar:Jul from:0 till: 1.400
bar:Aug from:0 till: 0.789
bar:Sep from:0 till: 0.775
bar:Oct from:0 till: 1.500
bar:Nov from:0 till: 3.390
bar:Dec from:0 till: 6.280


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bar:Feb at: 10.300 fontsize:S text: 10.300 shift:(-14,5)
bar:Mar at: 8.700 fontsize:S text: 8.700 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Apr at: 8.650 fontsize:S text: 8.650 shift:(-13,5)
bar:May at: 7.050 fontsize:S text: 7.050 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Jun at: 4.080 fontsize:S text: 4.080 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Jul at: 1.400 fontsize:S text: 1.400 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Aug at: 0.789 fontsize:S text: 0.789 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Sep at: 0.775 fontsize:S text: 0.775 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Oct at: 1.500 fontsize:S text: 1.500 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Nov at: 3.390 fontsize:S text: 3.390 shift:(-13,5)
bar:Dec at: 6.280 fontsize:S text: 6.280 shift:(-13,5)

</timeline> Average monthly discharge (m3/s) at Carcassonne


The Fresquel river starts at the northwest of the Aude department, in the commune of Baraigne, at an elevation of about 265 m (869 ft).[3]

It flows, first, to the west to the Haute-Garonne department and then to the north where it gets again into the Aude department near Seuil de Naurouze and then to the east. Finally, it joins the Aude river as a left tributary, at an elevation of about 90 m (295 ft) at Carcassonne.[4]


The Fresquel passes through 1 region (Occitanie), 2 departments and 24 communes; some of the communes are:[1]

Main tributaries

The main tributaries of the Fresquel river are:[1]

Left tributaries:

  • Lampy - 29.3 km
  • Rougeanne - 33.6 km

Right tributaries:

  • Tréboul - 22.6 km

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