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Halimah bint Abi Dhuayb

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Halima Sadia (Arabic: حليمة السعدية) was an Arabic Beduin woman. She was a wet-nurse and raised up the prophet Muhammad when he was a child and took care of him for the first two years of his life. The Prophet was to Halimah Sadia.

After Amina bent Wahb (امنة بنت وهب), the prophet`s mother, had delivered Muhammad, it was custom at that time in Makkah that the families send their children with a Beduin nurse to be raised up in the desert because it is more healthier for their bodies and much better for them to be in contact with the nature.

So when the group of nurses arrived at the Makkah city and they picked up most of the children, the last nurse arrived with her husband (Al-Harith) riding a donkey and old camel. She found only one orphan boy who had no father to pay her. She was ready to go back but at the same time she did not want to return back without anything. So, she changed her mind and decided to return back and pick that orphan.

As soon as she lifted that boy, her life changed and became filled with immense good fortune and blessings. Both, Muhammad and the nurse`s child were fully fed, even though the previous night and before reaching Makkah, there was no milk for her child. The old camel, which had not given a drop of milk, was soon over flowing with milk. Although she was the last women leaving makkah on her donkey, she passed her friends. This was indeed a great blessing for her and for this poor Bedouin family.

There were many signs about how Halimah`s life was changed to a better days. Her goats used to come home full, and over flowing with milk, while the rest of the Bedouins' goats used to come home and empty. That made them to complain to the shepherd to take the sheep and goats to the same place that Halimah takes her flock. Halimah knew that she had a blessed child with all the miracles and blessings.

After two years, Muhammad was returned to his mother Amina. She told Amina about the great blessings that she had received when Muhammad was in her care, but soon, Amina was persuaded by Halima and her husband (Al-Harith) to return the child back with them for another two years to protect him from a spreading disease in Makkah.

After two months, A strange incident happened to the prophet. He was playing with his foster brother with the goats at the back of their homes, when two Angels appeared to them as two men wearing white clothes. The Angels laid down the prophet and opened his chest, took out his heart, split it and removed a blood clot and washed it and his chest with ices until they became purified . Then, they returned the heart back to Muhammad's body before going away.

His foster brother ran to Halimah and told her that Muhammad has been murdered. She rushed out and found Muhammad standing with a pale white face. She checked all over his body and found that he was fine and then she took him back to their home. Due to that incident, she was afraid.

Later and very shortly, she returned Muhammed to his mother. Amina found out from Halimah about that incident that had happened. She assured Halimah that Muhammad was not under the influence of any devil or jinn and she told her about the dream that she saw when she was pregnant.

Then, Muhammad was returned to the care of his mother Amina and continued to live with her until she died at 577 AD when he was six years old.