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A homonym is a word that sounds the same but has more than one meaning and is spelt differently. For example, right means moral, the opposite of left, and a personal freedom.

There are two kinds of homonyms: homophones (they sound the same) and homographs (they look the same).


  • one, won
  • pail, pale
  • fore, four, for
  • it's, its
  • there, their, they're
  • Knight, night
  • which, witch
  • pore, poor, pour,
  • pear, pair, pare
  • see, sea, C
  • high, hi
  • wear, where
  • hare, hair
  • air, heir
  • whether, weather
  • too, to, two
  • ate, eight
  • no, know
  • by, buy, bye
  • flour, flower
  • right, write
  • be, bee
  • week, weak
  • rains, reins
  • higher, hire
  • fare, fair


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