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Kids Incorporated

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Kids Incorporated, also called Kids Inc., was an American children's television program sitcom. The show had children with musical talent in every episode. The show was about a singers/dancers of children and adolescents who had their own dance, rap and dance-rock pop band and group who cover songs, Kids Incorporated (formerly The Short Circus). They dealt with subjects like non-peer pressure. The pilot was recorded in August 31, 1983 and released on VHS in 1985. The show began in September 1, 1984 and ended in February 9, 1994. The cast members were between eight and seventeen years old. Seasons 1-2 were aired on ABC/NBC/Nickelodeon/TBS Superstation/CBS in 1984-1986, season 2 was aired CBN Cable Network in 1985-1986 and seasons 3-9 were aired The Disney Channel in 1986-1994. In 1991, Stacy Ferguson (born in 1975) as Stacy had a cameo appearance in the season 7 episode "A New Twist" (1991 (not 1990)) because she was here in seasons 0 (pre-1) (the pilot)-6 (1983-1990). In seasons 4-5, episode 1 (1987-1988), Challyn Markray (born in 1977) (girl keyboardist/dancer who played on the 1983-1987 keyboard called "GEM PK 4900") who replaced Wendy Brainard (born in 1971) (dancer/former guest singer) in season 4, episode 1 (1987), and was replaced by Kimberly Duncan (born in 1977) (dancer/keyboardist) who was replaced by Jennfier King (dancer) (born in 1979?) who was replaced by Ken Arata (born in 1977?) (dancer) and Angella Kaye (born in March 1975) (cameo dancer) who was replaced by TIffany Robbins (dancer) (born in 1973) who replaced Nicole Crooper (born in 1974?) (dancer) who replaced Andrea Paige Wilson (dancer) and was replaced by Danielle Marcus-Janseen (born in 1979?) (dancer/seasons 7-8 keyboardist) replaced each other because in seasons 2-3 (1985-1987), Angella replaced Janine King (born in 1970?) and Rey-Phillip Santos (born in 1975) (cameo dancers). In 2014-2015, season 10 will be aired on Disney Channel/Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/TeenNick. Seasons 1-10 (1984-1994, 2014-2015) will be on Disney Channel, Disney XD, TeenNick, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network in 2014-present. Leilani Lagmay (born in September 1975?) replaced Gina Marie Viniccia (former keyboardist/dancer) (born in September 1974) and was replaced by Charon Aldgredge (dancer) (born in December 1976).