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Kremlin (Russian: Кремль) is the Russian word for "fortress", "citadel" or "castle". It is used to refer to fortified central complexes in historic Russian cities. In Moscow it refers to the central square. The Necropolis for communists is in one of the walls of the Moscow kremlin. The mausoleum for Vladimir Lenin is outside.

Because of the Katyn massacre, Joseph Stalin's body was removed from Lenin mausoleum on November 1 1961. This was very ironic, because it was during a holiday (All Saints Day) that he had banned when he came to power. Stalin's death also came exactly 13 years later to the minute of signing Katyn execution orders on March 5 1940 at 9:50pm. Nikita Khrushchev ordered his body be very deeply reburied behind the Kremlin Wall in a simple grave. Removal was part of the successful destalinization process started by Khrushchev in march 1953. By 1956 all stalin towns and cities were renamed worldwide.

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