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Labour Party (UK)

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Ed Miliband is the Leader of the Labour Party.

The Labour Party is the main centre-left political party in the United Kingdom. They are a social democratic party and have been one of the UK's two main political parties from the early 20th century, to the present day. They are currently the second largest party in the British House of Commons, with 258 out of 650 seats and they form the Official Opposition. Their current leader is Ed Miliband.

The Labour Party was in power in the United Kingdom government from 1997 to 2010, but now sits in opposition. It was in power in the Scottish Parliament (in coalition with the Scottish Liberal Democrats) until 2007, and is the second largest grouping on the London Assembly, although the Mayor of London until May 2008 was a Labour party member. It is also the 2nd largest party in Local government and the 2nd largest UK party in the European Parliament.


The party was officially formed in 1906, just after the general election, as a successor of the Labour Representative Committee formed in 1900. In 1918, the party made a new constitution with the commitment to socialism, or the socialization of the industry. This could be found in Clause 4. The Labour Party won the general election in 1945 for the first time. From 1951 Labour was in opposition for thirteen years, during which there were serious fights between the left and right wings of the party. The leader of the left wing was Aneurin Bevan. His supporters were called the "Bevanites". They wanted a less confrontational policy in foreign affairs and more socialist actions. The leaders of the right wing were Clement Attlee and Hugh Gaitskell. They believed that Western capitalism had changed a lot and that socialism and public ownership was not so important. Gaitskell tried to remove Clause 4 from the party constitution at the 1959 conference, but he could not.

In 1994 Tony Blair forced the Labour Party to drop Clause 4. This was an important step to change the party into "New Labour".

Past Leaders (since 1906)

Labour Prime Ministers

Name Portrait Country of birth Time in Office
Ramsay MacDonald Ramsay MacDonald ggbain.29588.jpg Scotland 1924; 1929-1931
Clement Attlee Attlee BW cropped.jpg England 1945-1951
Harold Wilson Dodwilson.JPG England 1964-1970; 1974-1976
James Callaghan James Callaghan.JPG England 1976-1979
Tony Blair TonyBlairBasra.JPG Scotland 1997-2007
Gordon Brown GordonBrown1234 cropped.jpg Scotland 2007-2010

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