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Latino-Faliscan languages

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Originally Latium in Italy, at maximum extent as a living language, throughout the Roman Empire, especially in western regions.
Linguistic classification:Indo-European
Proto-language:Proto-Latino-Faliscan (Praeneste fibula)
Faliscan (extinct)
Lanuvian (extinct)
Praenestinian (extinct)
Linguistic Landscape of Central Italy.png
Latino-Faliscan languages and dialects in different shades of blue.

The Latino-Faliscan languages are a large branch of Italic languages. They were first spoken in what is now Italy. It is the only branch with languages still spoken. The only branch of Latino-Faliscan languages with languages still spoken is the Romance languages, which came from Latin. Latin was spread across Europe by the Roman Empire, and Latin then split into many branches over time. There were also at least three other Latino-Faliscan languages that are now extinct.[1][2]


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