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Litchi chinensis fruits.JPG
Scientific classification e
L. chinensis
Binomial name
Litchi chinensis
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Lychee (Chinese characters).svg
"Lychee" in Chinese characters
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Lychee fruits and seed.jpg

A lychee (pronounced LIE-chee) is a tropical fruit in the genus Litchi. It is grown in some parts of India like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar apart from southern China. Lychees from India are distinctly different from the ones grown in China- apart from being larger and juicier, their outer shell is reddish unlike the brown color lychees in China. Since it is tropical, it will only grow in a warm, wet climate.

The inside of a lychee is a clear, pinkish-white color. The outside of the fruit is a hard spiky shell. Its seed is brown in color and very hard. The seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten. The lychee has a sweet taste, and may be frozen, made into sauces, jam, puree, or preserves. When frozen, the lychee tastes similar to sorbet.


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