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The Malayalam Wikipedia (Malayalam: മലയാളം വിക്കിപീഡിയ) is the Malayalam language edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia. It was launched on December 21, 2002. Now this project is the leading Wikipedia among other South East Asian language Wikipedias in quality.[1] It has grown to be a wiki containing more than 31,000 articles as of July 2013.[2]

Available inMalayalam
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Launched21 December 2002; 20 years ago (2002-12-21)


The Malayalam language Wikipedia has been available in the domain since 21 December 2002. A user Vinod Menon M. P. had taken the initial tasks for it. After its creation he was the key person for the next 2 years. Almost all the early users of Malayalam Wikipedia were Malayalees (speakers of the Malayalam language). The growth of the Wikipedia during these times was very slow due to technical issues such as browser problems, font problems, and other problems.

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