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Mobile device

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A mobile phone

A mobile device is an electric device which its user can easily move. Typical examples are a mobile phone, PDA and Game Boy. Mobile devices do not need electricity connection to work. Usually, they have a battery to hold electricity to work without electric wires. A user can change, send and take the data with connection by modem or cable. Many exchange data wirelessly. Uses for these devices include reading and writing e-mails, surfing in the internet and listening to music. More complicated mobile devices can plan days, run computer games, and have almost all functions of desktop PC.

Examples of mobile devices


Mobile devices can be classifed by size and capabilities:

  • With small, text-screen. Mostly used for write short messages. Example: cell phones.
  • With medium screen. Examples: Smartphone, E-reader.
  • With big screen and able to run operating system. Examples: laptops, palmtops, tablets.

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